Student studying physical sciences

Key information

Residential programme

We have taken the decision to exclusively run an online programme in 2021.
The residential programme will be running in 2022.

What is the Physics stream?

The Physical Sciences stream offers students the opportunity to explore the physics and mathematics of a central concept in the physical sciences. The classroom-based programme is accompanied by hands-on sessions in our labs and computer programming workshops, where you will combine newly honed programming skills with theoretical knowledge to complete a team-based project.

In 2019, students studied oscillations as one of the most fundamental and far-reaching concepts in the physical sciences. Examples of oscillations occur in all branches of physics, from the smallest studies of subatomic particles to the large-scale movements of galaxies.

On the Physics stream, you will:

  • Conduct practical experiments, collect and analyse data;
  • Encounter new mathematical techniques in a lecture-led teaching session;
  • Learn the basics of the Python programming language and create computer simulations;
  • Present the results of your experiment as a group;
  • Finish the week with a real understanding of oscillations and their importance throughout the natural sciences.
Oscillation experiment

Group oscillation experiment

Group programming session

Group programming session

Group discussion

Group planning discussion with help from student mentors

Group data review

The team reviewing the experiment data