Student playing table tennis in Ethos sports centre.

What can I do when I am not studying?

Included in the cost of the Global Summer School is a full schedule of social activities and events, conducted under the supervision of our pastoral mentors.

During these activities, you will have the chance to meet and socialise with other Global Summer School students from around the world. You will be grouped with your STEM challenge teammates for social events to give you a chance to get to know each other before working together in the final few days of the programme.

Please note: We are currently finalising the details of the social schedule for the online programme. The details will be confirmed and released in early 2021. 

Social information for the residential programme

Free time

Before and after class or organised activities, you will be free to relax with friends in the halls of residence. However, we believe that you will get the most out of the Summer School by fully immersing yourself, so you should expect to be engaged in team activities for the majority of the day under the supervision of our mentors.

Off-campus excursions

We offer a variety of off-campus trips to give you a taste of life in London and beyond, including:

  • A trip to a West End musical.
  • Shopping in Westfield, Europe’s largest shopping centre.
  • Day trip to Brighton, a traditional English seaside town where you can explore the seafront, historic pier or shopping lanes.
  • Visits to South Kensington’s museums and galleries including the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and V&A.

On-campus activities

After a busy day in the classroom, you’ll be able to take part in a range of evening activities to relax with your friends. This includes:

  • Sports activities including football, badminton and gym classes in our Ethos Sports Centre.
  • Take part in a talent show. Whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, telling jokes or simply supporting others, you’ll be able to get to know other students on your course during this fun-filled evening.
  • Test your general knowledge in our informal ‘pub-style’ quiz.
  • Arts and crafts activities.
  • Board games.
London Bridge

London Bridge in central London

Brighton Pier

Day trip to the sea-side town of Brighton

Inside of a theatre London.

Theatre trip (TBC for 2021)

Trip to Natural History Museum

A trip to the Natural History Museum and more!

Students playing sports (Badminton)

Students playing sports (Badminton)

student playing sports (Ping Pong)

Students playing sports (Ping Pong)

Student relaxing in the Senior Common Room

Student relaxing in the Senior Common Room