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This exciting subject focuses on the interdisciplinary field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), led by staff from the Data Science Institute (DSI). You will acquire essential skills in data analysis, along with the opportunity to work on real-world AI applications, through a combination of lectures, hands-on tutorials and group projects.

In 2024 you will: 

  • Explore the foundations of data science - where data comes from, how we gather and store it, how we transform it into structures we can learn from, how we visualise it, how we secure and protect it, and how we learn from it.
  • Cover the foundations of artificial intelligence (AI) and how data science is crucial for empowering AI, serving as the interface to AI and machine learning.

Download a sample 2024 Data Science and AI timetable (PDF)

2024 session outline

Introduction to Data Science: The Journey from Data to Insights

The morning of day one will kick off with an introduction to data science, where you will delve into the journey from collecting raw data to extracting meaningful insights. You will learn the fundamental concepts of data science and AI, including data pre-processing, exploratory data analysis, modelling and evaluation. You will also have a hands-on session focusing on Python for Data Science. 
In the afternoon, you will learn about data visualisation and its applications. Throughout days one to three, you will have the opportunity to visit the Data Science Institute’s Data Observatory with Gemma Ralton, where various demonstrations will be showcased. There will be a masterclass on how to effectively read research papers, and curated reading list will be provided for the self-study sessions and group presentations. 

Introduction to Computer Vision

On day two, you will explore computer vision, including what it is and its applications in our daily life. Following this, you'll learn about the image classification task, a classic technique in data visualisation. This task will introduce you to the concepts of image features, propose machine learning algorithms to analyse these features and perform the classification task. Furthermore, you will learn about recent advances in the field.

The afternoon will involve a practical session on image classification using Python to gain hands-on experience on the topic. 

A journey through Natural Language Processing

Day three includes a morning introduction to Natural Language Processing, one of the foundational fields in Artificial Intelligence. You will look at Natural Language Processing and a few practical modern applications.

The afternoon will include guided work and tutorials and individual work and natural language processing exercises. 

Group presentations

On the final day, you will work in groups to present your understanding, insights and innovative ideas on one or more research papers from a curated reading list.

Presentations will be judged by Mentors and leaders. A prize will be awarded to the winning group.

The Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute is dedicated to advancing research and building a community in the exciting interdisciplinary field of data science, the integrative fusion of mathematics, statistics, and computer science applied to address basic and practical problems in the sciences (natural, life, and social), engineering, and society. 

Further information and a session outline will be published soon. Applications are now open. Don't miss out, apply now!

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Person speaks in front of large screen to audience

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