Engineering student building robotic prototypes

Key information

Residential programme

We have taken the decision to exclusively run an online programme in 2021.
The residential programme will be running in 2022.

What is the Engineering stream?

The Engineering stream offers students the opportunity to explore a range of engineering subjects at Imperial. It combines elements of engineering and design and includes specialist seminars and workshops delivered by different departments from Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering. 

You will be exposed to subject content and possibilities across this broad discipline, develop essential engineering skills, and work in groups to find solutions to real engineering challenges

 On the Engineering stream, you will:

  • Explore a range of disciplines and facilities within the Faculty of Engineering;
  • Conduct practical experiments, collect and analyse data;
  • Work as part of a team to solve real-world engineering problems;
  • Test your design skills in a series of team-based activities;
  • Build and test models and prototypes using a range of materials.

In 2019, students took part in sessions led by departments across the Faculty of Engineering, including Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Earth Science, Material Sciences and Design Engineering. Students explored a range of topics, took part in team challenges and undertook practical experiments.

Chemical Engineering

You will explore facilities such as the Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, the most sophisticated of its kind in the world within an academic institution. Students will then work in practical groups to apply economics, material and energy balances to a given case study.

Civil Engineering

You will engage with mapping the drivers of environmental change. In previous years, students looked at how people have changed the environment and what the impacts are on key resources, such as food, water and energy. Students then used these new insights to address a real-world crisis.  

Materials Science

You will be challenged to create the strongest material using a series of matrix materials, a set of reinforcement materials and additives. Then you will test the material’s mechanical properties through a series of laboratory techniques. 

Student building a science experiment.

Students building an engineering sumobot

Students planning their Sumo-bot

The students sat around a table planning their project.

Students building a second prototype robot

Students building their second prototype sumo-bot.

Students starting to build their sumo-bot

Students starting to build there sumo-bot.