Mentors discussing STEM with a lecturer

Who will be available to support me?

Global Summer School is supported by current Imperial students who work as either academic or pastoral mentors.  These students have first-hand experience of living in London and studying at Imperial.

The Global Summer School programme manager directly manages the mentors and works collaboratively with the programme academics.

What is an academic mentor?

The academic mentors study a subject related to one of the Global Summer School academic streams. They will be on hand during class time to guide you through the academic content. Academic mentors will be able to give you an insight into what it’s like to study at Imperial and discuss potential career paths with you. The academic mentors support both the online and residential programme. 

What is a pastoral mentor?

A pastoral mentor is an Imperial student who supports and guides Global Summer School students ‘out-of-hours’ i.e. when they are not in class. Pastoral mentors supervise Global Summer School students during organised activities on campus and accompany them on day trips. Pastoral mentors also stay in the same halls of residence alongside Global Summer School students. The pastoral mentors only support the residential programme.