Role: Doctoral Researcher at Imperial College London

Subject: Power Systems Planning & Economics, Renewable Energy Integration & Grid Flexibility

Nationality: Nigerian

I am an Electrical Engineer, power systems planner and researcher with experience within the energy industry of my home country, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. I am also a STEM ambassador and a promoter of women empowerment. I work as a Research Engineer in the R& D team at EDF Energy UK. I also volunteer with IEEE Smart Village that works to provide electricity, education and jobs to energy-impoverished communities.



GCSE and A-level (or equivalent): Secondary school in Nigeria

• BSc Electrical Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria
• MSc Engineering Business Management, University of Warwick
• PhD Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Imperial College London

Details about Dr Ayo

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My research

My research develops a planning tool for determining the best range of technologies to make the UK electricity system cost-effective while ensuring we avoid any power outages.  The development of such a planning tool is fundamental to achieving secure, cost-efficient, and operationally flexible decarbonised electricity systems.

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My inspiration

My research was strongly inspired by the energy poverty situation in Africa and the desire to understand what drives a successful electricity industry in terms of economics, policy and decision making. Since my undergraduate degree I have always loved the study of engineering economics and desired to specialise in the electricity industry.

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Who is your STEM hero?

Dr Paola Falugi, Research Associate in the Control and Power Group at Imperial College London - she inspires me in her depth of knowledge of mathematics and control systems and made a huge impact in my knowledge of power system optimization.

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Most significant discovery/invention?

I believe the most significant discovery, after the discovery of electricity, is the World Wide Web. It has formed the foundation of the modern world we live in and has changed everything.

Renewable energy and Internet of Things. Smart factory. Smart energy. Smart grid concept.

Career options after study

  • Energy systems modeller 
  • Energy systems analyst  
  • Research Engineer in energy industry 
  • Project manager in energy industry 
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My hobbies

Travelling, reading self-help books, sleeping, cooking and my newest interest is gardening.