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Role: Medical doctor and surgical trainee in the NHS
Subject area: Surgical Innovation, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Faculty of Medicine
Nationality: Indian

I did my MSc in Surgical Innovation at the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial. I am a full-time medical doctor and surgical trainee in the NHS and have a degree in medicine, currently working in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine/Surgery and its nuances. I am the first person from Northeast India to be at the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial.

I am a keen STEM ambassador, and believe that the future of surgery lies in the integration of the friendship between robots and humans. I am continually impressed by young people and their ideas. I believe that the question whether “Robots will take over the future” can only be answered by the great, young minds of the next generation.

Hear from Dr Gogoi, and her experience studying Surgical Innovation and using AI to improve surgical outcomes

Interview with Dr Gogoi

Hear from Dr Gogoi, and her experience studying Surgical Innovation and used AI to improve surgical outcomes



GCSE (or equivalent): All India Secondary School Examination (A1-C1) Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, India

A-Level (or equivalent): Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Higher Secondary Education, India

• Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, India
• MSc in Surgical Innovation, Imperial College London

Detail about Prerana

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My research

My research involves studying new methods, technology, machines and devices that aid surgeons by assessing their performance in the operating theatre, to provide better care for patients. These robots and devices help us understand when a surgeon is getting tired. They also help surgeons to learn the anatomy or structure of the inside of the body to improve their skills.

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My inspiration

My mother Dr. Indrani Gogoi, an academician, seismic analyst, earthquake engineering scientist, professor in Structural Engineering, fuelled my path and understanding of science and its global impact.

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Who is your STEM hero?

Ms. PK Mullaferoze, famous paediatric orthopaedic (children's musculoskeletal system) surgeon, who founded cerebral palsy specialized children’s units. She was ahead of her time by supporting women in surgery: a visionary, philanthropist and goodwill ambassador.


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Most significant discovery/invention?

Energy Principles: Energy is neither created nor destroyed - relates to every aspect of life and that we move in circles of life to create, destruct and emerge

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Career options after study

  • Work on NHS Innovation Programs
  • R&D scientist in MedTech industry
  • University academic teaching fellow
  • Design and innovation Lead in Medtech company 
  • NHS and industry Integrator
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My hobbies

Founder of two non-profits in India, animal welfare activist and rescue worker, volunteer, upcycling enthusiast, travel, swimming, dramatics, and scuba diving 

Prerana talks about her work with surgical robots and how they are used to help surgeons learn new skills and improve their techniques.

Prerana talks about her research

Dr Gogoi talks about her with surgical robots and how they are used to help surgeons learn new skills and improve their techniques.

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