Scott Marley

RoleTeaching and running my own business writing and delivery outreach content across the UK

Subject area: Engineering and physics

Nationality: British

After completing my degree, I worked for the University of Bradford on a robotic telescope project in Tenerife before moving on to be involved in outreach and teaching. I have been resident astronomer in Namibia, taught physics in Vietnam, Malaysia and China, and given talks on astronomy on almost every inhabited island in Great Britain. 


EducationGCSE (or equivalent): 11 GCSEs (A*–A) at Wade Deacon High School

A-Level (or equivalent): A-levels in Physics, Maths, Computing, Geology (A) at Widnes Sixth Form College

• MPhys in Physics with Astrophysics, University of Manchester

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My research

I currently teach engineering and run my own business writing and delivering physics outreach content across the UK. I believe it’s vital that we get young people excited about the STEM subjects.

My inspiration

My inspiration

I’ve always wanted to know how things work, from the simplest objects to the entire universe. Studying physics is how we find out.

Stem hero

My STEM hero

Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist, author and incredible science communicator, who made complex subjects easy for non-scientists to understand.

black hole

Most significant scientific discovery?

The most significant recent discovery in astrophysics has to be gravitational waves. They allow us to detect black holes merging together and can provide information on the Big Bang itself. 

An aeroplane

Career options after study

Friends who studied physics with me now work as physicists, in finance, for aerospace and engineering companies and as academics and teachers.

Brian Cox

Interesting fact

My particle physics lecturer at the University of Manchester was TV’s favourite science presenter, Prof Brian Cox.

Scott's lecture takes you on a journey through the solar system and beyond.

Scott talks about his research

Scott's lecture takes you on a journey through the solar system and beyond. 

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