Students taking a maths online class.
This programme supported by the Hg Foundation, aims to assist A-Level Further Mathematics students who are considering studying a maths-related degree at university.

About the Further mA*ths Online Programme

This programme supported by the Hg Foundation, aims to assist A-Level Further Mathematics students who are considering studying a maths-related degree at university.

Through this programme you will:

  • Develop the skills you need to achieve an A* in A-level Further Mathematics.
  • Build your confidence to apply to universities that require an A* in Further Mathematics for your chosen subject.

During the programme, you will receive tailored online support, including online mentoring and face-to-face masterclasses* at Imperial College London. This initiative runs in collaboration with Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI).

We will run our first cohort of the programme this academic year for year 12 students. The programme is due to launch its first year 13 cohort in Autumn 2021.

Please note: This programme is for students studying A-Level Further Mathematics. We also run an A-Level Mathematics programme. Although you can apply to both programmes, you will only be allowed a place on one. Therefore, we encourage students to think carefully before they apply and to try to select the programme they would most like to participate in.

*Due to the challenges associated with the pandemic, the masterclasses will now be held online until it is deemed safe to hold face-to-face events again.

What to expect

Year 12 programme

One-day introductory masterclass

Here, you will begin to explore elements of A-Level Further Mathematics, looking at the transition from GCSE to A-level.

You will take part in workshops based on topics from the A-level Further Mathematics curriculum to support your learning. Sessions will be run by Imperial academics and students, as well as partners from MEI.

When: A weekend during the spring term.

Two eight-week Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

These courses have been carefully designed to fit with the A-level Further Mathematics curriculum, focusing on some of the key topics and trickier content, in a structured series.

Content is delivered in a variety of ways including videos, practice questions and assessments, covering a range of methods and applications. You will also receive ongoing online mentoring from current Imperial students.

When: During the spring or summer term.

Closing one-day masterclass

This will focus on the awkward and difficult topics from A-level Further Mathematics. 

The day will include workshops supported by Imperial academics, the Imperial student mentors and external partners from MEI. 

When: Late spring.


Year 13 programme

The first year 13 cohort of the course is due to launch in Autumn 2021. We will update this web page closer to the time with more information.

Applicant information

Academic requirements

We are looking forward to seeing applications from students with a passion for mathematics.

You must meet the following requirements:

  • If applying for the year 12 cohort you must currently be in year 12, and If you’re applying to the year 13 cohort you must currently be in year 13
  • You must be studying at least three A-levels, including Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • You have achieved eight GCSEs with a minimum of six GCSEs graded at 7-9 (or A/A* level), including Science and Mathematics
  • You are capable of achieving an A grade in A-level Further Mathematics, even if you may not feel certain of this
  • You are willing to travel to Imperial up to three times a year on scheduled weekend dates
  • You are planning to apply for university courses with a large mathematical component

Eligibility criteria

This programme prioritises students from backgrounds that are under-represented in higher education. 

When you apply, we will ask questions to see if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You are eligible for free school meals
  • Your family income is below £50,000 per year
  • You have been in care or are a young carer
  • You are studying in a school in the UK that has below average attainment or with a high percentage of students receiving free school meals
  • Your parents do not have a university degree
  • You live in an area with low participation in higher education

You do not have to be based in London to apply to the programme. Due to the large online element, we strongly encourage applications from students across the country.

How to apply

Applications are currently closed for this programme. We will open applications during the Autumn term, please check back for updates. 

Contact us

For more information, please see our Outreach Programme FAQs or email us at