Zainab Titus

Role:  Fourth year PhD student, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London

Subject area: Computational Geoscience

Nationality: Nigerian

I am a Computational Geoscience PhD student within the Earth Science and Engineering Department. I have a background in engineering and am passionate about ending the world's energy poverty. My research explores how we can build models for developing geothermal resources to enable us to utilise the "heat beneath our feet". This helps in addressing climate change.

Interview with Zainab

Interview with Zainab

Hear from Zainab, who  models geothermal energy, about why she wanted to work in this area.


EducationGCSE (or equivalent): West African Senior School Certificate Examination

• BEng in Petroleum Engineering, Covenant University
• MSc in Petroleum Engineering, University of Aberdeen
• PhD in Computational Geoscience (in progress), Imperial College London

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My research

I develop computer models that help us understand the structure and behaviour of the earth’s subsurface as we extract energy from underground. I build these models by combining knowledge from my previous work in drilling for hydrocarbons, with insights from artificial intelligence.

My inspiration

My inspiration

I’ve always wanted to improve people’s quality of life. This has fuelled my passion for learning more about the world we live in and pursuing a career related to earth science.

Stem hero

My STEM hero

Marie Curie: physicist, chemist, humanitarian, educator, inventor and pioneer in the field of radioactivity. She broke the status quo and pushed the limits of science and technology even with the odds against her.   

Electricity pylons

Most significant scientific discovery?

Electricity, a lot of inventions would not have been possible without electricity, and the world would not have advanced to where we are today.

People working in an office

Career options after study

  • Geoscientist in an energy company
  • Researcher at an energy institute or university
  • Academic at a higher institution
  • Consultant in an energy management or finance organisation
People hiking on a mountain

My hobbies

Contemporary dance, playing the guitar, jewellery making, hiking/nature walks, drawing, visiting new places.

Zainab talks about her research

Zainab's lecture

Zainab talks about how the heat beneath our feet can be used in the fight against climate change. 

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