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At the beginning of April we welcomed the Weekend MBA class of 2022-23 to Imperial College Business School. Stepping up to the challenge of a part-time MBA while continuing to work, the group embark on a journey that will transform their lives both personally and professionally in just 21 months. 

The part-time format of the Weekend MBA sees students study a blended programme where they combine on-campus study sessions for one weekend a month in London, with remote study in their own time. An efficient route to C-suite level, Weekend MBA students will advance their management and leadership skills to become well-rounded leaders.  

This display of commitment running up to the start of the programme, crafting the perfect application, impressing in interviews and completing pre-study modules, places them in good stead to succeed and grow throughout the programme. Already making waves in their own careers, we find out more about this impressive class and what led them to join Imperial College Business School. 


The part-time MBA class at a glance 

Weekend MBA Class Stats

This year 101 students have joined the Weekend MBA. With an average of seven years' work experience and counting. The part-time format of the programme means they will continue to work in their current roles and apply what they learn in the classroom from the outset. 

Due to the on-campus nature of the programme, it’s no surprise that the majority of the cohort hail from the UK and Europe (34% and 33% respectively). However, one third of this year’s class are from further afield, committing to the Weekend MBA from Asia/Pacific (17%), Africa & the Middle East (11%), and the Americas (5%). 

Achieving gender parity in every Imperial programme is of utmost importance to us at the Business School, so it’s extremely positive to see 43% talented women join this year’s Weekend MBA class. 

The diversity continues to trickle down into the industries that our students have built they careers in. While the three most common industries are banking/finance (20%), IT/tech/telecoms (19%) and consulting (12%), the remaining 49% have experience in a vast range of areas like engineering, pharma/biotech/healthcare and energy. This melting pot of experience is bound to bring unique takes in every class and discussion! 


What lies in the years ahead? 

After establishing a foundational knowledge through their pre-study modules, the students kicked off the start of their programme with an induction week on campus. This consisted of a variety of introductory lectures, meeting faculty and socialising with fellow students. 

The programme then begins with core modules that focus on key management theory. Each module provides an in-depth foundation of business theory and practice, with opportunities to test understanding through case studies and simulations throughout. 

Once the foundations have been laid, the students will choose six electives. This freedom to tailor their programme means they can specialise in the following areas: 

  • Analytics and Operations 

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

  • Finance  

  • Leadership and Organisation 

  • Marketing  

  • Strategy  

Developing an international outlook is crucial for students who want to become future leaders. Therefore, exploring global markets is a core element of the programme. The Global Experience Week is an opportunity for Weekend MBA students to discover a new business market, learn from innovative businesses and explore a different culture. In September 2021, the 2021-22 cohort visited the sustainable nation of Iceland, it was a week like no other!  


An individual final project at the end of the second year marks the end of the programme. Students can put what they’ve learned into practice and create real strategic value for their employers.  

By the end of the programme, the cohort will have transformed personally and professionally, armed with an extensive toolkit that will allow them to enact impactful change throughout their careers.


Meet Weekend MBA students in the class of 2022-23 

Liz Ruse 

Nationality: British 

Role: Supplier Quality Specialist, Boeing Defence and Space 

How did you come to the decision of studying an MBA, and why did you choose Imperial?  

I work at a multinational company and was keen to study somewhere I could collaborate with people from different cultures and undertake opportunities to immerse in other countries through various modules. 

It was important for me to have face to face learning and practical experience, as this suits my learning style better than online. I can maintain working full-time while studying and further enhance the experience by putting what I learn immediately into practice.  

What aspects of the programme are you most looking forward to? 

The diversity in our cohort is fantastic. I am looking forward to collaborating with people from different backgrounds who have insightful experiences and expertise.  

I am excited about the opportunity to continue expanding my knowledge and support my company and colleagues in being successful. I know this will help me grow as a person and have a positive impact. I undertake volunteer work and I feel this programme will also support me in being able to provide additional support to the charities I work with. 

Abdul Balogun

Abdul Hafiz Balogun 

Nationality: Nigerian 

Role: Strategy Execution Analyst, Zurich Insurance 


Can you describe your career up until now? 

My professional experience has mainly been within the insurance industry. I began my career on a UK business management graduate programme at Zurich Insurance in 2017. During this time, I worked and led in various roles across Operations, Legal, Exposure Management and other functions which were foundational to building a holistic understanding of how different pieces of the corporate jigsaw fit together in order for a company to achieve its business objectives.  

More recently, I have been working in a strategy execution role based in London which revolves around collaborating with senior leaders on the first stages of implementation for strategic projects.  

How did you come to the decision of studying an MBA, and why did you choose Imperial? 

My decision was based on a conviction that undertaking an MBA would be the perfect springboard to achieving my short and long-term career goals. It would offer an opportunity to not only sharpen my wider business knowledge and skills, but it would also drive me to enhance my leadership capabilities. 

Apart from Imperial being a globally venerated institution, the Weekend MBA structure was a key factor in my decision because it would enable me to contextualise and apply my learnings in the workplace alongside the opportunity to build meaningful relationships on campus with the highly inspirational individuals that Imperial attracts.  

Sean Jang

Sean Jang 

Nationality: US 

Role: Business Strategy & Planning Manager, Apple 


How did you come to the decision of studying an MBA, and why did you choose Imperial? 

As I matured in my career in business strategy and tech, I found myself asking questions like ‘are there ways to improve how I define and execute strategy for growth?', ‘are there academic theories and best practices I’m not aware of that I can leverage?’ or ‘how have others approached similar problems?’ 

I felt an unmet need and desire to build a strong academic foundation in business and a professional network to challenge myself to think bigger and expand my capabilities, which led me to study an MBA. 

What aspects of the programme are you most looking forward to? 

I found Imperial College Business School’s MBA programme truly fascinating and exceptional in two distinct ways: firstly, its solid academic foundation on core business fundamentals with practical applications and diverse portfolio of industry-focused electives and secondly, the international network and global business approach beyond regional boundaries. I look forward to the rigorous learning experience I am hungry for and a professional community to build the disciplinary foundation for growth. 

In addition, I look forward to being part of institutes like Centre for Digital Transformation and Centre for Financial Technology to explore emerging technologies such as blockchain, DeFi, NFT, metaverse, etc. and their implications for the future. Also, I am excited to participate in unique opportunities like Global Experience Week and IB Glocal Electives, which will allow me to explore new ideas and methods in the international stage. 

Yuliia Danyliuk

Yuliia Danyliuk 

Nationality: Ukranian 

Role: Marketing and Global Sales, Pepper & Mayne 


Can you describe your career up until now? 

Fast fashion is the second largest polluter. Unfortunately, I have been part of it for the last several years of my career. As a marketing manager I have been promoting and managing businesses which were trying to be seen sustainable, but frankly focused on profit. Now I want to make change and show on my own example that fashion can be friend of our planet.

How did you come to the decision of studying an MBA, and why did you choose Imperial? 

Being someone who loves personal development and growth I considered doing MBA a priority at some point in my life. When I started my own entrepreneurial journey, I realised that this is the perfect time for me to combine the two: my business and MBA. I chose Imperial as it is known for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, I am an excellent networker so I believe I can bring a great contribution as an active social leader and make our cohort a fun place to be. 

We’d like to extend a huge welcome to the Weekend MBA class of 2022-23 and wish them every success as they develop themselves and their careers with the help of Imperial College Business School.