Imperial College and Corndel Learner Networking Event

Imperial College Business School is proud to partner with Corndel, the UK’s leading apprenticeship provider, to deliver a range of apprenticeship programmes designed specifically for businesses seeking to upskill and develop their workforce. Our programmes combine academic rigour with real-world relevance, providing learners with the skills and knowledge they need to drive business success.

Together, we help individuals and businesses thrive in today’s competitive marketplace with access to top-quality teaching, world-class coaching, and ongoing support. Contact us today to learn more about how our partnership with Corndel can benefit you.

"Imperial College Business School is delighted to partner with Corndel in this major initiative in Executive Education. At Imperial, we are committed to increasing access to leading edge thinking for businesses and organisations. We want to help individuals translate learning into practice and make a difference at speed. This initiative is in response to a huge demand from companies and organisations seeking to increase their capabilities in leadership, management, data and technology. And in this case, using the terrific opportunity afforded by the Apprenticeship Levy."
David Brown
Director of Executive Education, Imperial College Business School
David Brown

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