Data-Driven Professional

Programme Overview

The Data-Driven Professional Programme is a 14-month apprenticeship programme, designed for data users and professionals from a variety of corporate functions. This collaboration between Imperial College Business School and Corndel combines academic excellence with practical coaching, embedding data literacy across organisations to enable faster and more-informed decision making at every level. Join us for a transformative journey, integrating world-class education with personalised mentoring through Corndel's renowned coaching model.

Who is the Programme for?

Our programme is designed for people whose roles would benefit from building confidence in understanding organisational data and using that information to inform decision marking. Typically, individuals are likely to use tools like Excel, or business intelligence systems such as Tableau and Power BI, to identify trends and relationships. No prior experience in data manipulation or interrogation of large datasets is expected or required.

Please note that our application process is geared towards organisations rather than individuals. We encourage you to connect with your HR Director or Learning and Development lead to explore the possibilities of using the apprenticeship levy to enrol in one of our programmes as part of a cohort. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, we aim to create a shared learning journey that aligns with your organisation's objectives, fostering growth for both the organisation and individual.

Organisational Impact:

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Make evidence-based decisions at all levels through a greater understanding of data.
  • Maximise the value derived from data analytics projects through a more informed use of outputs.
  • Efficiently automate manual, repetitive tasks to boost productivity, enabling a focus on more impactful work.
  • Improve the flow of information across the organisation through better communication of insights and data visualisation.
  • Ensure the safe and secure handling of organisational data.

Programme Units:

  1. Power up your Profession for Industry
  2. Fast-track to being a Spreadsheet Expert
  3. Becoming the Data-Driven, Modern Professional
  4. Automating Data Tasks for 10x Efficiency
  5. Insights with Impact: Creating Visualisations that Matter
  6. The Next Level: Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Our Offer:

  • Flexible, blended delivery model
  • Personalised one-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Group learning sessions
  • Imperial-led virtual masterclasses delivered bi-monthly
  • Level 3¬†Data Technician¬†Apprenticeship
  • Imperial College Executive Education Associate Alumni Status

Imperial Masterclasses

As part of our partnership with Corndel, learners benefit from exclusive access to virtual masterclasses led by Imperial faculty. Leveraging Imperial College's global reputation and top-tier faculty, we offer a unique educational experience for learners enrolled on our apprenticeship programmes. These individually designed sessions elevate the apprenticeship journey by going beyond the core curriculum, providing direct insights from leaders in their respective fields.

While specific sessions may vary, some examples of previously delivered masterclasses include:

  • Game-Changing Technologies by Chris Tucci
  • Introduction to Data Privacy by Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye
  • Adaptive Decision Making by Camelia Ram
  • Business Analytics: from Data to Decisions by Wolfram Wiesemann

Become an Associate Alumni

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