To truly put the ‘global’ in Global Online MBA, the optional international experiences on the programme will broaden your outlook and understanding of the global work environment.

Global Experience Week will provide you with valuable real-world experience where you will work with community businesses to help create results. For 2022-23, there will be a portfolio of three trips to choose from, including:

  • Brazil – Unlocking potential
  • Kenya – How business can scale while addressing the SDGs
  • Nordics (exact destination TBC) – How businesses can be transformed to tackle climate action

Through Exchanges and IB Glocal Electives, you can deep dive into specialist courses and better understand how selected themes relate to the region you're studying in.

Whatever your destination, you will be challenged to look inward and test what you know about yourself, all the while learning about others and the world around you.

IB Glocal Electives

IB Glocal Electives

The IB Glocal Electives are intensive study abroad programmes led by Imperial College Business School faculty to teach students how to explore contemporary global business problems from a local perspective.
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