Investing for the future with online learning

We’ve invested heavily to create our bespoke online learning technology, The Hub, that we use on the Global Online MBA. We continually refine this technology to ensure that we deliver a superb online MBA teaching experience.

The way the programme is designed, with the community on hand, allows everyone to contribute to a learning experience that places engagement and technology at the forefront.

As a Global Online MBA student, we recommend a minimum of 20-25 hours of study for a typical week, depending on your pace of study and academic goals. This will include recorded and live lectures, reading, assignments, group discussions and activities, case studies, interactive activities on The Hub, projects, and Careers support.

Working full-time and studying part-time is a juggling act – especially when you throw other life commitments into the mix. Your dedicated Programme team will support you through all the ups and downs of the MBA as you study online. Combined with the support of your cohort, nothing will feel impossible.

Learning reimagined

The programme content is specifically designed for online study by our educational learning specialists. All MBA modules have been through a rigorous process to optimise them for online delivery.

Our virtual, online learning platform has been designed and developed over a number of years by our award-winning in-house education specialists, the Edtech Lab.

The Hub provides you with convenient access to all programme materials, connects you with your peers and tutors and empowers you to take control of your study and track your progress throughout the programme.

Modules are broken down into weekly blocks, with time estimates for each subject to help you effectively manage your busy schedule. You can expect modules to consist of:

  • Live classes
  • Tutorials
  • Video teaching from faculty
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Readings
  • Podcasts
  • Polls

Online study requires hard work, dedication and a motivated learner. The Hub will be your place to get help and support from your classmates, academic tutors and Programme team. Most importantly, you can access all of this from wherever you are, on your device.

There is no passive learning on the Global Online MBA. Expect a highly involved, fast-paced and exciting learning experience.

Working in your syndicate team

The majority of your learning will be undertaken via The Hub, however on-campus elements form an important part of your learning experience.

You will be put into teams of four to six people prior to your Induction Week. For the first year of the programme, all team project work for core modules is completed in syndicate teams. In groups, you will collaborate to produce reports and presentations.

Students are primarily grouped together based on time zones. In addition to that, we aim to achieve a good mix of employment background, experience, gender and nationality.

You’ll meet for the first time during Induction Week, where you’ll work together on a number of activities designed to help you get to know each other and how you work as a team.

Sessions from careers coaches at Imperial College Business School Careers give syndicate teams the tools to handle group dynamics and the skills to make online networking a success.

"Studying remotely has given me a huge amount of flexibility to work at my own pace and in my own time. It allows me to allocate more time to certain areas I am less sure of. The Hub has been a bridge between fellow students, the faculty and myself. It is very intuitive and fosters a sense of community even at a distance."
Global Online MBA 2020-22
Priyanka Mandal, Global Online MBA 2019-21, student at Imperial College Business School