Investing for the future with an online format

We’ve invested heavily to create our bespoke online learning technology, The Hub, that we use on the Global Online MBA and continually refine this technology to ensure that we deliver a world-class online MBA experience.

The majority of your learning will be undertaken via The Hub, however on-campus elements form an important part of your learning experience. The way the programme is designed, with the community on-hand, allows everyone to contribute to a learning experience that places engagement and technology at the forefront.

As a Global Online MBA student, we would recommend a minimum of around 20-25 hours of study for a typical week, depending on your pace of study and academic goals. This will include recorded and live lectures, reading, assignments, group discussions and activities, case studies, projects, and careers support.

Learning reimagined

We haven’t simply rehashed the MBA content for online delivery. The MBA syllabus has been carefully adapted to allow for the most effective delivery in an online format, without dulling down any of the learning. Each module provides you with a solid grounding in business theory and practice.

The emphasis is on applied learning, giving you a chance to test your understanding through case studies and simulations.

The Hub bespoke learning platform

Our virtual, online learning platform has been designed and developed over a number of years by our award-winning Edtech Lab. The Hub provides you with convenient access to all programme materials, connects you with your peers and tutors and gives you the power to track your progress throughout the programme.

You can access all of this from wherever you are, on whatever device.

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What I find most helpful is that the modules in The Hub are broken down into several sub-modules with an average time of 15-30 minutes. This breakdown assists me in setting small goals each day and helps me to plan my time accordingly.
Global Online MBA 2019-21
Supatra Lee, Global Online MBA