Gaining experience through internships

Internships provide students with a unique perspective, allowing them to experience a different working environment and helping them to forge important links for their future.

SSCP DTP students have the opportunity to apply for internships during their PhD, usually when they are in their second year. This could be with our partners in the private, NGO, or policy making sectors.

If you would like to host one of our students at your organisation, please contact Anne Houston.

Currently Internships

  • Will Veness (Cohort 6), Government Office for Science
  • Neil Grant (Cohort 5) Policy Connect
  • Geraint Northwood Smith (Cohort 5), E3g

Former Internships included:-

Broadway Initiative, Urgentem, Eco Health Alliance, Stanford University; World Meteorological Organization; Policy Connect; Parliamentary Office for Science; Desolenator; Natural England, UNFCCC; Government Office for Science; Science Media Centre; Google; Assimila; National Informatics Institute, Tokyo, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Royal Botanic Gardens Kew;  Square Mile Coffee Roasters; UK Committee on Climate Change;  Zoologial Society London



Assimila Logo

"I had the opportunity to spend three months of my PhD at Assimila thanks to SSCP DTP. The internship involved developing machine learning models for canopy temperature estimation for coffee bean plantation in Colombia. I applied the knowledge in satellite observations I gained through my PhD research to agriculture, a new application area that I've not experienced before. Being able to witness the immediate impact this work has in helping coffee farmers manage crops and pesticide was incredibly eye-opening. Working in a small, fast-paced, commercial R&D setting was an enjoyable departure from the familiar academic environment. I developed valuable communication and analytical skills. I also experienced first hand how satellite and earth observation can make a meaningful difference to the challenges we face in food production, agriculture and land surface processes in general."

Kelvin Tse Choi, SSCP DTP Cohort 4

Square Mile

“The opportunity to work on a project with Square Mile Coffee through the SSCP DTP allowed me to gain real insight into the industry’s perspective on environmental sustainability issues. Working in a small and dynamic company setting, I developed invaluable communication and analytical skills whilst learning about all things coffee related – from farming and roasting to brewing! My experience sparked a new interest in specialty coffee, on both personal and research levels, and contextualised my own food sustainability PhD research. ”
Elysia Lucas, SSCP DTP Cohort5

Broadway Initiative

Broadway Initiative

“My placement with the Broadway Initiative and the Home Builders Federation gave me a fascinating insight to current climate and environmental policy, particularly relating to new homes and the built environment more broadly. I had responsibility for leading the research on a project to develop a roadmap for the new homes sector to meet key environmental and climate targets, and in doing so greatly enhanced my project management and collaboration skills. I was fortunate enough to interact with stakeholders in many relevant areas, and made many great connections in the process.”
Chris Wells, Cohort 4

AIR Wordwide

"My secondment to AIR-worldwide was a great opportunity for me to understand the application of my research to industry and to learn more about career paths in that industry.  It was very valuable to hear from members of the company's research team about how the insurance industry uses natural hazard models.  I also had the chance to develop my science communication skills by presenting my research to an audience outside of an academic context."
Branwen Snelling, Cohort 4