SSCP DTP Management Board

Chaired by SSCP DTP Director, Professor Martin Siegert, the Management Board is made up of the Directors, Partner and Departmental representatives.  Meeting three times a year, the Board oversees the overall delivery and quality of the programme, reporting to NERC and the College, large scale initiatives and interactions with external partners and selection of new students.   

SSCP DTP Board Members 

Professor Martin Siegert, Grantham Institute


 Dr Helen Brindley, Physics

SSCP DTP Director

 Professor Matt Piggott, Earth Science and Engineering

SSCP DTP Director, Chair of Selection meeting

 Dr Steven White, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

SSCP DTP Director; Partner Rep

 Emma Bowman, Grantham Institute

Director of Operations 

Anne Houston, Grantham Institute

SSCP DTP Project Manager – Education 

Christiane Morgan, Grantham Institute

SSCP DTP Doctoral Coordinator

Dr Andrew Hughes, British Geological Survey

SSCP DTP Partner Rep 

Dr Victoria Bennett, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

SSCP DTP Partner Rep 

Dr Eileen Cox, Natural History Museum

SSCP DTP Partner Rep 

Dr Felix Forest, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

SSCP DTP Partner Rep 

Professor Rosie Woodroffe, Zoological Society London

SSCP DTP Partner Rep 

 All other Departmental Representatives in alphabetic order according to surname:

 Dr Laura Barter, Chemistry

Professor Mark Burgman, Centre for Environmental Policy

Professor Adrian Butler, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Colin Cotter, Mathematics

Dr Heather Graven, Physics

Dr Angela Kedgley, Bioengineering

Dr Sylvain Laizet, Aeronautics

Dr Ralf Martin, Imperial College Business School

Dr Ronny Pini, Chemical Engineering

Dr Yves Plancherel, Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Guillermo Rein, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Alessandra Russo, Computing

Professor Eduardo Saiz Gutierrez, Materials

Dr Giordano Scarciotti, Electric and Electronic Engineering

Dr Leila Sheldrick, Dyson School of Engineering

Professor Paolo Vineis, School of Public Health

Professor Guy Woodward, Life Sciences

Staff-Student Committee

Our Staff-Student Committee was established as a way for students to feed their ideas back to the DTP management, acting as a voice for the cohort, as well as providing opportunities for social interaction and collaboration.

Student feedback is key to shaping our strategy for the SSCP DTP.

The committee consists of student representatives, the DTP Administration team. The committee meet quaterly to review programme content and arrange social events, training courses as well as welfare initiatives. 

To contact the SSCP DTP Student Committee, email

Student Committee Members

Chris Wells

Chris Wells

Chris Wells
Seminar Series Rep

Richard Belcher

Richard Belcher

Richard Belcher
Social and Welfare Rep



Staff-Student Committee Events Gallery

Hasting Hike Group Photo

Hasting Hike, March 2017

Hasting Hike River

Hasting Hike, March 2017

Hasting Hike Shore

Hasting Hike, June 2017

Summer Picnic Bench

Summer Picnic, June 2016

Summer Picnic Frisbee

Summer Picnic, June 2016

Summer Picnic Social

Summer Picnic, June 2016