What are the main milestones throughout my time on the SSCP DTP?

  • Induction (SSCP DTP and Departmental inductions)
  • Any relevant safety training
  • First Year DTP training courses (Essential Skills Training)
  • Challenge Team activities
  • Early Stage Assessment (organised by your academic department)
  • Late Stage Review (organised by your academic department)
  • DTP Careers Events

For a more comprehensive list of events and activities throughout your PhD, please refer to the DTP timeline. Information about upcoming events will be circulated via the weekly DTP newsletter.



Who do I need to inform if I am ill or unable to attend SSCP DTP activities and events?

  • If you are unable to attend College due to illness or urgent personal circumstance you should inform your supervisor and/or your Department as soon as is practicable.
  • If you are due to attend an SSCP DTP activity or event and are ill and unable to attend, please also inform the SSCP DTP Doctoral Training Coordinator.
  • Attendance at DTP workshops and events is mandatory, but we recognise that occasionally other obligations such as fieldwork or internships may clash with our events. In these instances, you must seek approval (with as much notice as possible) from the SSCP DTP management team to be excused.

What do I do if I need to take an interruption of studies?

Liaise with your supervisor and Departmental Postgraduate Administrator who will process the interruption paperwork.  It is crucial that you inform the SSCP DTP Doctoral Training Coordinator of the dates that cover your interruption as soon as possible. 

How can I access counselling or mental health support throughout my PhD?

Within the College there are several services available to support you with your mental health and wellbeing. Support is primarily available through the Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service.

Training and Development

What training sessions am I required to attend?

  • All students - A minimum of three Changing Planet Seminars and the DTP Conference. You are also required to participate in your Challenge Team. 
  • First years - All of the above as well as four Essential Skills Training courses and the SSCP DTP Residential Course. 

What optional development activities are recommended to students?

  • Students in their second and third year are encouraged to attend the relevant organised field trips and pursue an internship as a secondment from their PhD.
  • Students can apply to attend NERC Advanced Training Short Courses (ATSC) throughout the year. Applications open in September 2019 for 2019-2020 funding. More information will be provided by the DTP Management team when available. 

What am I required to submit whilst on the SSCP DTP?

  • You are required to submit and complete your Training Needs Analysis in January and June each year.
  • You are required to respond to SSCP DTP requests for information, most notably for the NERC Annual Report in August. 
  • The SSCP DTP team will contact you at the appropriate time to request these submissions.

How much time is required of me for the Challenge Team projects?

  • You should meet with your Challenge Team every 4-6 weeks throughout the year.  You are also required to attend the Challenge Team kick-off (November) get-together (February) and then present at the Challenge Team Showcase (September). 

Get Involved

Are students able to contribute to the Grantham Institute podcast?

How can I get involved in the Student/Staff Committee?

  • Recruitment for the new committee will begin in January 2020. To find out more about the different roles, please contact the committee.

How can I get involved in contributing to the Grantham Institute briefing papers?

  • All opportunities to contribute to the briefing papers will be circulated to all SSCP DTP students when available. More information on these briefing papers is available here.

Communications and Branding

How do I submit items for the weekly newsletter?

Is there a presentation template or guidelines that I need to use?

  • Yes, you can find a Powerpoint template for presentations, along with templates for posters here.

What is the grant reference number that I need in order to publish my papers open access?

  • If you are a Research Council (e.g. NERC, RCUK) funded student you are eligible to have your papers published open access. 
  • To do this, please make sure to include the grant reference number on the form when applying via Symplectic. Please contact the Project Manager - Education to be provided with the SSCP DTP Grant reference number.

Does the DTP have social media accounts?

The Grantham Institute is active on a variety of social media channels, including:

 Twitter @SSCP_DTP Publicising the great work you do to interested parties, as well as live tweeting from events. Follow us, but also let us know your twitter handle so that we can follow you. 
 Facebook SSCPDTP Our open page with Programme information such as photographs, news and event updates.  
 LinkedIn Grantham Institute Our open LinkedIn page with information about research, outreach and activities. 

Please do follow the Grantham Institute and engage with the us online. If you would like to share anything via these channels, please let us know.


When do I receive my bursary?

Bursaries (also known as stipend payments) are paid on the 7th of each month for the month ahead.  More information is available here. Please note that if you are due to take an interuption of studies at any time, please inform us with as much notice as possible to ensure busary payments are correct. 

How do I submit an expense claim?

In order to process an expense claim, all receipts are required. Claims are usually refunded quickly but can take up to 10 working days. 

  • Claims from the SSCP DTP – Please complete and sign the E1 form and submit this with your receipts to the Project Manager – Education. Examples of general expenses claims include: purchasing equipment for your Challenge Team, travel expenses outside of your usual commute, social events on behalf of the student committee etc. Information on filling out expenses forms is available here
  • Consumables expenses claims – NERC and Grantham funded students have a dedicated account for their consumables funding, which is held and administered by their Department. Please liaise with your supervisor and departmental administrator to process consumables expenses claims.


What do I need to inform the SSCP DTP of when I am towards the final stages of my PhD?

  • Please inform the SSCP DTP when you have submitted your thesis, when you have received your Viva date and outcome of the Viva itself.
  • The SSCP DTP also requires a copy of your final thesis (either in electronic or hard copy). 


How do I acknowledge the DTP when publishing?

As a member of the DTP cohort, you are expected to follow the Institute’s official branding guidelines. Templates are supplied on the Google Drive and should be used for all presentations, posters and written material relating to your PhD project. This includes any departmental presentations and posters you are expected to produce during your PhD. We would love to see the materials you produce, which should be sent to the SSCP DTP Doctoral Training Coordinator to ensure we have a record of your activities. This will also help us with reporting to NERC on our programme and individual student activities.

Please note that all publications should acknowledge the DTP in your address as follows:

A. Person11 Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP, and the Department of [Civil Engineering], Imperial College London.

You will also need to acknowledge your funding as follows:

This work was supported by [ENTER YOUR PRIMARY FUNDER HERE, e.g. the Natural Environment Research Council; and the [ENTER YOUR SECONDARY FUNDER HERE etc].

Please note Research Council (e.g. NERC, RCUK) funded students are eligible to have papers published in open access. To do so, please include the grant reference on the form when applying via Symplectic. Please contact Sophie Smith to be provided with the SSCP DTP Grant reference.