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NameDepartmentSupervisorProject Title

Jonathan Adams

Earth Science and Engineering

Dr Dylan Rood 

Exploring terrestrial geological evidence for past glaciation and volcanism in the Thwaites Glacier catchment, Antarctica.

Marcus Annegarn


Dr Johannes Lischner

Understanding the atomic and electronic structure of particulate matter from theory and experiment.

Lois Baker

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Ali Mashayekhi

Transition to turbulence in topographically induced wave breaking. An investigation into the mechanisms of lee wave turbulence and implications for the buoyancy and momentum budget of the Southern Ocean.

Richard Belcher

School of Public Health

Dr Daniela Fecht

Evaluating the health, social and environmental benefits of urban wetlands.

Alex Bowles

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Geoff Fowler

Development of activated carbons from End-of-life Tyre rubber Char for Carbon Capture and storage, for application in the global cement industry.

Miles Capper

Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Mark Rehkamper

Novel Applications of Trace Metal Stable Isotopes in Medical Research

Georgina Charnley

School of Public Health

Dr Kris Murray

Global change ecology and the biogeography of human infectious diseases.

Lizzie Ellison

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Ali Mashayekhi

Investigating the role of coupled physical-biochemical ocean processes in climate dynamics and climate change mitigation.

Ethan Errington

Chemical Engineering

Dr Jerry Heng

Engineered Lyophilic Nanoparticles for Fat Recovery for Fat Recovery from Waste Streams

Albert Fabregas-Flavia


Professor Guy-Bart Stan

Building tools and technologies for self-regulated nitrogen fixation in plant-associated bacteria

Euan Furness

Earth Science and Engineering

Dr Mark Sutton

Simulating the Latitudinal Biodiversity Gradient over Deep Time.

Daniel Greenblatt

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Peter Lindstedt

Transition to zero-pollution transport through optimal hybrid powertrains.

Krista Halttunen

Centre for Environmental Policy

Dr Raphael Slade

Assessment of energy transition responses in the Oil & Gas industry: implications for climate change mitigation policy and sustainable development goals.

Catrin Harris

Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Ann Muggeridge

Advanced petrophysics for the characterisation of trapping mechanisms for CO2 storage in the subsurface

Reuben Hill


Dr David Ham

Automated analysis for massive climate data sets

Caitlin Hinson

Centre for Environmental Policy

Dr Alexandra Collins

Investigating the use of natural capital concepts for participatory approaches to integrated water management 

Theo Llewellyn

Kew Gardens and Life Sciences

Dr Ester Gaya

Anthraquinone evolution in lichenised fungi

Enrico Manfredi-Haylock


Dr David Payne

Lead-acid battery recycling: Transitioning to a zero-pollution process

Waseem Marzook

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Monica Marinescu

Thermal performance and low temperature degradation of Li-ion batteries

Ophelie Meuriot

Earth Science and Engineering

Dr Yves Plancherel

Formation and Fate of Low Salinity Intermediate Waters in the Ocean

Amran Mohamed 

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Janet Wong

Polymeric Additives in Lubricants for Electric Vehicle Powertrains

Manoj Murali

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Marc Masen

Evolutionary tribology: exploiting bio-lubrication mechanisms for mechanical devices generating renewable energy whilst preventing pollution in marine environments

Sofia Palazzo Corner

Centre for Environmental Policy

Dr Joeri Rogelj

Incorporating climate catastrophe: representing Earth system extremes in reduced-complexity climate models

Joe Peach

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Adrian Callaghan

Measuring the space and time evolution of the geometric, kinematic and dynamic properties of oceanic breaking waves.

Nick Reynard 

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Ali Mashayekhi

Carbon dioxide sequestration through iron fertilization and potential for

harvest of calcium carbonate from marine organisms.

Charlotte Roe

Dyson School of Design Engineering

Dr Billy Wu

BatBath - Immersion cooling of lithium-ion batteries with dielectric fluids

Phoebe Ross 

Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Tina van De Flierdt

DOC-SWEET-Deep Ocean Circulation during Super Warm Early Eocene Temperatures

William Scott

Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Matthew Piggott

Forward and adjoint coupled ocean-ice sheet modelling

Marie Shaylor


Dr Helen Brindley

Diagnosing dust-climate interactions in observations to test Earth System Models

Megan Taylor


Dr Andreas Kafizas

Can buildings purify polluted air? Developing solar-activated coatings that purify the air we breathe.

William Veness

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Wouter Buytaert

Groundwater and conflict in the horn of Africa

Thomas Weeks

Life Sciences

Dr Joseph Tobias

Impacts of environmental change on the structure and function of avian communities

Claudia Wyer

Life Sciences

Dr Lauren Cator

Genomic Signatures of Sexual Selection in the Yellow Fever Mosquito

Liam Yasin

Dyson School of Design Engineering

Dr Sam Cooper

Solving fuel cell degradation issues to achieve high efficiency combined heat and power 

NameDepartmentSupervisorProject Title
Jackson Clive Life Sciences Professor Vincent Savolainen The evolution of sexual orientation: is homosexuality a Darwinian paradox?
Alex Colyer British Geological Survey Dr Andrew Hughes Scale-dependent lithological variations and their control on water resources and flooding in the Eden Valley
Nicholas Dunn Zoological Society of London Dr Chris Carbone  Developing environmental DNA methods to assess the distribution of cryptic sharks and rays
Rachel Flint Earth Science & Engineering Professor Tina van De Flierdt DOC-SWEET = Deep Ocean Circulation during Super-Warm Early Eocene Temperatures
Neil Grant Chemical Engineering Dr Adam Hawkes Understanding the costs of mitigating climate change
Liam Holder Earth Science & Engineering Professor Tina van De Flierdt Production and Export of Ross Sea Bottom Water Through Periods of Dramatic Climate Change
Swapnil Jagtap Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Marc Stettler Minimising socio-environmental impacts of aircraft engine performance through integrated multi-disciplinary design analysis and optimisation
Phillip Jervis Zoological Society of London Dr Trenton Garner The key to controlling infectious diseases in nature: islands in the sea and sky
Nerine Joewondo Chemical Engineering Dr Valeria Garbin Imaging and modeling the fate of trapped gas in porous media
Galina Jönsson Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Dr Nick Isaac Understanding the past to predict the future of distribution change in British Lepidoptera
Alexander Lipp Earth Science & Engineering Dr Gareth Roberts Modeling landscape evolution through space and time: Histories of physical and chemical denudation
Elysia Lucas Chemical Engineering Dr Gonzalo Guillén Gosálbez Modelling of the water-energy-food nexus via environmentally extended input-output tables coupled with optimisation
James Marschalek Earth Science & Engineering Professor Martin Siegert Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet under Changing Environmental Conditions
Thomas Matthews Earth Science & Engineering Dr Jamie Wilkinson Titanite occurrence and chemistry as a monitor of melt redox state, magmatic fertility and hydrothermal alteration in porphyry ore systems
Daniel Mehlig Centre for Environmental Policy Professor Helen Apsimon Electrification of London’s car fleet and benefits for air quality
Thomas Merry Earth Science & Engineering Dr Ian Bastow The neotectonics and seismic hazard of Cyprus
Chetan Nathwani Natural History Museum Dr Jamie Wilkinson Developing tools for the sustainable exploration of epithermal ore deposits: alteration mineral chemistry for targeting and assessment of fertility
Geraint Northwood-Smith Earth Science & Engineering Professor Sanjeev Gupta Comparison of terrestrial and Martian fluvio-lacustrine palaeoenvironments
Andreas Olympios Chemical Engineering Dr Christos Markides Economic and socio-technological assessment of low carbon and environmental improvements for the automotive manufacturing sector
Paloma Ortega Arriaga Physics Professor Jenny Nelson Rural electrification strategies to address energy access and climate change mitigation
Lily Peck Life Sciences Professor Tim Barraclough Predicting the evolutionary responses of crop pathogens to climate change
Sadie Robertson Physics Dr Jonathan Eastwood Spacecraft observations of magnetic reconnection using MMS
Pietro Salvi Physics Dr Paulo Ceppi  Improving our understanding of radiative forcing and feedback
Eric Schoenrock Physics Dr Heather Graven Estimating and attributing regional methane emissions using innovative atmospheric measurements
Carl Thomas Physics Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis Using machine learning to constrain the atmospheric dynamics contribution to regional climate change
Laura Warwick Physics Dr Helen Brindley  Investigating the impact of IR surface emissivity knowledge & uncertainties on climate & weather-forecasting timescales
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NameDepartmentSupervisorProject Title
Jack Anderson Natural History Museum Dr Chiara Petrone Magma mixing and explosive activity at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico)
Courtnae Bailey Centre for Environmental Policy Karen Makuch Climate finance: Adaptation and Resilience of water resources in the Caribbean
Matthew Barker Mathematics Professor Pierre Degond Mean-field games and the transition from fossil fuels to lowcarbon
Hamish Beath Physics Professor Jenny Nelson Designing low carbon pathways for rural electrification
Anna Caklais Earth Science & Engineering Dr Dylan Rood Validating Ground Motion Models For Critical Engineered Structures Using Fragile Geologic Features
Kelvin Choi Physics Dr Helen Brindley Building a long-term record of the global solar energy resource from satellite observations
Susannah Gold Zoological Society of London Professor Rosie Woodroffe Integrating human and wildlife health: the case of nonfatal rabies in Africa
Fumi Hayashi Physics Dr Arnaud Czaja Warm and cold paths for ocean-atmosphere coupling in midlatitudes
Sarah Hayes School of Public Health Professor Christl Donnelly Mathematical understanding of the multi-species biological networks underpinning rabies transmission dynamics
Louis Hennequin Chemical Engineering Dr Jason Hallett Phytoremediation for Renewable Energy: Energy Production During Decontamination
Daniel Kenna Life Sciences Dr Richard Gill Social bee success in fragmented agricultural landscapes
Jenna Lawson Life Sciences Dr Cristina Banks Leite Bringing the Geoffroy’s spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi ) back from the brink of extinction in Costa Rica
Emily Lewis-Brown Life Sciences Dr Morena Mills Understanding the adoption and spread of marine community-based conservation
Joss Lyons-White Life Sciences Dr Andrew Knight Changing Palms: Designing Strategies for Positive Institutional Behaviour Change to Address Land-Use Change and Mitigate Climate Change in the Palm Oil Industry
Sinead Lyster Earth Science & Engineering Dr Alex Whittaker Reconstructing erosion and sediment supply from the continents in deep time – examples from the Cretaceous
Luqman Hakim Mohd Azmi Chemical Engineering Dr Bradley Ladewig Advanced membrane separation materials including metal organic frameworks and composite membranes, for water processing applications
Diego Moya Pinta Chemical Engineering Dr Adam Hawkes  Global energy system modelling for the decarbonisation of the building sector
Hollie Packman Earth Science & Engineering Dr Susan Little  Understanding modern biogeochemical cycles in the context of the international GEOTRACES program – Cadmium, zinc, lead and neodymium isotope analyses
Charlotte Page Life Sciences Professor Jon Lloyd Coral Reefs of 2050: Are there winning reefs in the face of committed near-future climate change?
Albertine Pegrum-Haram Earth Science & Engineering Professor Tina van de Flierdt A journey from the modern ocean to the past and into the future - how does seawater acquire its chemical fingerprint?
Henrike Schulte to Bühne Life Sciences Dr Joseph Tobias Do climate and land use changes interact to precipitate biodiversity loss?
Jennifer Shadrick Earth Science & Engineering Dr Dylan Rood Will climate change make coastal erosion rates faster?: Comparing historic and Holocene cliff retreat rates using cosmogenic isotopes with numerical models
Jennifer Shelton School of Public Health Professor Matthew Fisher Environmental drivers of azole-resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus and its relevance to human health
Mohan Smith Physics Professor Ralf Toumi Applications of artificial intelligence to satellite data for extreme weather forecasts
Nixon Sunny Chemical Engineering Professor Nilay Shah Development of an open-source systems modelling framework for H2-CCS integrated applications in Europe
Chris Wells Physics Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis Human health co-benefits from climate change mitigation
Peter Zheng Aeronautics Dr Mirko Kovac Automated monitoring of rainforest biophysical structure from aerial platforms
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