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PhD Studentships (National Productivity Investment Fund)

The SSCP DTP are offering 3 studentships fully funded by NERC through the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF). The studentships include home/EU tuition fees, a London-weighted stipend and an additional consumables budget. Applicants can choose from the projects listed below which have been proposed by various Imperial academics and researches from our partner institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should be aware that as these studentships are funded through NERC, to be eligible for a full award they must have:

  • Settled status in the UK, meaning they have no restrictions on how long they can stay,
  • Been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the studentship.
    This means they must have been normally residing in the UK (apart from temporary or occasional absences)
  • Not been residing in the UK wholly or mainly for the purpose of full-time education.
    (This does not apply to UK or EU nationals)."

If you have further questions regarding eligibility, download this PDF, then please contact the specific Registry Admissions team for your faculty.

Interested applicants should apply by emailing the lead supervisor in the first instance.  The deadline for applications is 10 July.


List of NPIF Projects
Project TitleSupervisorDepartment
 Solar Cooling in Domestic Energy Systems  Dr Christos Markides  Chemical Engineering
 Optimized emission and cost reduction in decentralized heating, cooling and electricity networks using predictive climate, market and user demand data  Dr Christos Markides  Chemical Engineering
 Solving fuel cell degradation issues to achieve high efficiency combined heat and power generation  Dr Samuel Cooper  Dyson School of Design Engeering
 Understanding and minimising the potential environmental impacts of tidal range (lagoon) based renewable energy generation via advanced numerical modelling  Professor Matthew Piggott  Earth Science and Engineering
 Impact of inorganic ions on the development of antimicrobial resistance  Professor Mark Rehkamper  Earth Science and Engineering
 Understanding the cost of mitigating climate change  Mr Ajay Gambhir  Grantham Institute
 Development of real-time maps of ground-water vegetation  Professor Jon Lloyd  Life Sciences
 Estimating and attributing regional methane emissions using innovative atmospheric measurements  Dr Heather Graven  Physics

 Machine learning applied to satellite cloud observations

 Professor Ralf Toumi  Physics
Economic and socio-technological assessment of energy efficiency technologies for the automotive manufacturing sector for high energy cost countries  Dr Christos Markides  Chemical Engineering

Maximising innovation potentials in energy storage manufacturing

 Dr Iain Staffell  Centre for Environmental Policy

Production of task specific robots for retro-fit

 Dr Peter Childs  Dyson School of Design Engineering

Designing low carbon pathways for rural electrification

Professor Jenny Nelson Physics

Exploring endophyte diversity in crop wild relatives

Dr Martin Bidartondo  Life Sciences

Maximising innovation potentials in energy storage manufacturing

Dr Iain Staffell  Centre for Environmental Policy

Designing low carbon pathways for rural electrification

Professor Jenny Nelson  Physics
List of NPIF Projects


Applications are now closed for the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP fully funded NERC studentships for 2017/18. 
Studentships for 2018/19 will be advertised in October 2017.

The SSCP DTP offer 15 fully funded NERC studentships every year which include home/EU tuition fees, a London-weighted stipend and an additional consumables budget. Applicants can choose from a number of projects which have been proposed by various Imperial academics and researches from our partner institutions.

Have any questions about our studentships? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Interested in proposing a project?

  • If you are looking to undertake a PhD and there is a specific project you would like to pursue at Imperial College London, you need to approach an Imperial academic who is willing to supervise you. They can then submit this project to the SSCP DTP during our call for projects each August.
  • If you are an Imperial academic, we put out a call for projects in August through our departmental co-ordinators. To find out who your co-ordinator is, please contact the Administrator - Education.
  • If you are an external organisation and you are interested in collaborating with an Imperial or Core Partner academic to propose a studentship, please contact the Project Manager - Education Sophie at

Aligning to the SSCP DTP

Students due to begin their PhD at Imperial College London in October 2017 can apply to align with the SSCP DTP until August 1st. We have 11 alignment places available. PhD students that align to our programme are treated the same as funded students, receiving the same training opportunities and the same advantages of being a part of a dynamic cohort. Depending on the student's compatibility with NERC's eligibility criteria, there is possible consumables funding available as well.

For more information or to apply please contact the Administrator - Education.