Together with Atkins, UK Energy Research Centre and the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP), the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London hosted a workshop in February 2016 exploring tools and frameworks for decision making under risk & uncertainty.


The workshop focused on decision making problems and provided frameworks and/or tools to help structure and solve these problems in order to enable learning across disciplines with a view to highlighting areas for future development and collaboration with external partners to address capacity gaps.

The opportunity for an exploration of the ways in which uncertainties and complexities in evidence can be factored into decisions; particularly exploring the tools and techniques available and the contexts in which they might be applied more effectively was undertaken.

ReportThe panel of UK and international specialists who attended were:


The follow presentations from the workshop are now available for download:

Specialist: Professor Patrick Reed, Cornell University - Professor Patrick Reed presentation (PDF)
Specialist: Professor Liz Varga, Cranfield University - Professor Liz Varga presentation (PDF)
Specialist: Dr Catherine Butler, University of Exeter - Dr Catherine Butler presentation (PDF)
Specialist: Assistant Professor Jan Kwakkel, TU Delft - Assistant Professor Jan Kwakkel presentation (PDF)
Specialist: Professor David Groves, RAND Corp - Professor David Groves presentation (PDF)

Session I Pop-Up Talks: view presentation (PDF)

  • Harvey Beck, Ofgem
  • Chris Hankin, Imperial College London
  • Anna Railton, Smith Institute
  • Julian Frost, JESIP Cabinet Office
  • Mike Colechin, Energy Technologies Institute

Session II Pop-Up Talks: view presentation (PDF)

  • Dennis Konadu, University of Cambridge
  • Ian Temperton, Ian Temperton Consulting
  • Alexandra Collins, Imperial College London
  • Julien Harou, University of Manchester

Session III Pop-Up Talks: view presentation (PDF)

  • Simon Collander-Brown, DSTL
  • Anant Prakash, BP
  • Simon Cook, Southern Water Services
  • Rosalind West, DEFRA

Session IV Pop-Up Talks: view presentation (PDF)

  • Adam Whitmore, Adam Whitmore Consulting
  • Bessma Maroud, Skoll Global Threats Fund
  • Steve Moncaster, Anglian Water
  • Mike Steel, Environment Agency

Workshop report

A summary workshop report is available: Decision making under risk & uncertainty summary workshop report

More information

For more information, please contact:
Anne Houston
Project Manager – Education
Grantham Institute
Imperial College London
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