Research Experience Placements

Applications closed for 2022 NERC Research Experience Placements - undergraduate student opportunity

Previous Projects

These are some of the projects students worked on in previous years:

Project TitleDepartment/Organisation
Ecosystem responses to drought intensification Civil and Environmental Engineering
Next-generation ice-sheet fracture models to quantitatively predict iceberg calving and sea-level rise Civil and Environmental Engineering
Modifying spatial reproductions of natural soundscapes to evaluate ecoacoustic analysis algorithms Dyson School of Design Engineering
Quantum linear regression for anaerobic digestion unprecedented forecasting and optimisation Civil and Environmental Engineering
Novel chemistry for a circular economy for bauxite residue Civil and Environmental Engineering
Pathway to providing environmentally friendly lubrication solutions - replacing silicone oils with bio-acceptable alternatives Mechanical Engineering
Towards nature-positive businesses: Meta-meta-analysis on the impacts of agriculture on biodiversity Natural History Museum
Machine learning analysis of micro-scale industrial energy systems Center for Environmental Policy
Phytophthora communities in UK nurseries: understanding the role of traits, biotic interactions and nursery management in pathogen invasions UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Investigating shoreline changes using freely available archives of satellite image data Earth Science and Engineering
Do habitat and distributional traits predict which European mosquito species vector important viruses? UK Centre for Ecoloyg and Hydrology
 EcoBuilder: an ecosystem dynamics game  Life Sciences
 Tackling xenobiotic reistance in agriculture: implications for carbon emissions Institute of Zoology
 Risk analysis of nanomaterials in the environment  Materials
 Machine learning analysis of energy storage data Dyson School of Design
 Is the geomagnetic field dipolar at high-latitudes Earth Sciene & Engineering
 Low-cost wireless sensor networks for river flow monitoring  Civil & Environmental Engineering
 Techno-economic analysis of biorefineries fuelled by sugar beet pulp  Chemical Engineering
 Where are the missing grasses?  Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
 Developing a Bayesian framework for modelling repetitive element evolution  Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
 Biogas conversion in oxygen separation membranes  Earth Science & Engineering
Plate reconstructions in the South Atlantic  Earth Science & Engineering
Probabilistic assessment of tsunami hazard to the UK  Earth Science & Engineering
Uncertainty quantification and parameter estimation in environmental fluid dynamics  Earth Science & Engineering
An investigation of the characteristics of visits to National Trails  Natural England