The Faculty Education Team


Dr Mike Tennant, Vice-Dean (Education) Faculty of Natural Sciences

Dr Mike Tennant is the Vice-Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS). In his role as Vice-Dean Mike oversees strategic and operational aspects of Educational provision in the Faculty. In practice, this means that he works closely with key colleagues across Imperial to ensure that the educational experience provided by the Faculty is world class and reflects the College’s dynamic and enterprising culture. To this end, Mike chairs the Natural Sciences Education Committee which is a key committee in the College’s Educational Quality governance structure, ultimately reporting to Senate. 

Mike also co-chairs the Natural Sciences Student Staff Committees, which provide a forum for staff and students to discuss academic and non-academic matters, to share good practice between Departments and to explore ways to improve the Educational experience in the Faculty. 

Rebecca Middleton, Head of Education and Student Experience

Rebecca’s role involves supporting education initiatives, policy and strategy across the Faculty. Rebecca supports the work of the Faculty Education Committee, and the Faculty Student Staff Committees, as well as a range of College-wide education activities which cover the complete student lifecycle at both undergraduate and postgraduate taught level.

Rebecca manages the Faculty Education team, which includes the AV Support team, the Student Wellbeing Advice team, Outreach Manager, Faculty EDI Coordinator and Education Support Coordinator. Rebecca also coordinates the Faculty’s Learning and Teaching Development Programme, the Faculty's Prizes for Excellence, and the FoNS Make-A-Difference Competition as well as being the Faculty point of contact for elected student representatives.  

Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg, Faculty Senior Tutor

Ingo joined the Education Team in March 2023 as the Faculty Senior Tutor.

Ingo has responsibility for ensuring the delivery of consistent, high quality support for students in their personal, general academic and professional development.  Working with and supporting Personal Tutors and Senior Tutors, he ensures that support systems are effective, that training is appropriate and that College policies in student support are implemented.  In addition, Ingo provides support to department senior tutors and directly to students who have more complex concerns.

Chris Kerr, Faculty Education and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Chris works across our departments to support quality assurance, education governance and related student system interfaces. He is secretary to the Faculty's Education and Student Staff Committees and is responsible for managing the Dean's Fund. Chris also provides support to the Head of Education and Student Experience, Vice-Dean (Education) and Faculty Senior Tutor. 

Anna Goodwin and Ella Robson, Student Wellbeing Advisers

Anna and Ella are the Faculty's Student Wellbeing Advisers. They provide wellbeing and mentoring support to students within the Faculty and signpost students to other support services as appropriate.  They also work to develop and deliver appropriate resources, activities and training to support students’ wellbeing,  as well as working closely with elected student representatives in developing peer support. Find out more about the Student Wellbeing Advice Team via their webpages

Paul Hancock, Faculty Marketing and Recruitment Manager

Paul, our Faculty Marketing and Recruitment Manager, provides support and guidance for a range of marketing activities.

Emma Mattin, Faculty Education and EDI Coordinator

Emma liaises with and co-ordinates student-focussed equality, diversity and inclusion-related activities across the Departments of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and is a key member of the Faculty's EDI Committee. Emma also provides support for existing and new education initiatives and projects, in line with the Faculty’s strategic objectives.

Dr Simon Foster, Faculty Outreach Manager

Simon is the Faculty's Outreach Manager. He works closely with key staff to manage, promote and encourage the development of outreach activities across the Faculty. This involves strategic coordination of outreach and engagement activities across the Faculty’s departments and the instigation and development of new projects and initiatives. A key focus of the role is to work with departments in relation to the furtherance of the College and Faculty’s vision to increase the recruitment of students from widening participation backgrounds.

The wider Faculty Education team also includes the EdTech Lab and AV Support teams