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Watch this video (recorded prior to social distancing) to find out how the FoNS Ed Tech and AV Support teams can support your innovation plans as you redesign the delivery of your modules.

Moving to remote teaching

Support for staff in delivering teaching remotely, including advice on adapting your module for delivery online; guidance on specific tasks, such as recording video content; and inspirational examples of online teaching and assessment from FoNS modules.

Here to help you

ABC workshop storyboard of a module

Transforming Pedagogy

The Ed Tech and AV teams can support your innovation with curriculum-planning workshops, team-based learning activities, media-rich and interactive learning resources, and bespoke technological solutions.

Brain and mind in learning

Evaluating Ed Tech Practice

We can help you to evaluate pedagogical and assessment innovations and generate actionable insights from data to guide ongoing improvements in teaching practice and in programme/module design.

Blackboard, Turnitin, Panopto

Supporting Delivery

The learning technologists in our Review and Maintenance team are dedicated to supporting you in making the most of Blackboard, Panopto, Mentimeter, Turnitin and Qualtrics. They also work hard to support the smooth running of these systems.