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New Campus Chemistry

Today, we have an exciting vision for the future of chemistry at Imperial, housed in the new state-of-the-art facilities we are developing at the White City Campus. The new building, the Molecular Sciences Research Hub, will allow researchers to collaborate more easily, both inside and outside College.

Life Sciences student Life sciences

The Department works at the cutting edge of research to understand the basis of life from molecules to ecosystems. We attract some of the brightest students from around the globe who aim to exploit this knowledge for the benefit of society and mankind.

Maths Learning Centre Mathematics

As science becomes more quantitative, the value of mathematics is recognised more than ever. Our exciting and dynamic teaching and research environment attracts the brightest students from around the world. To continue to pursue research and education at the highest levels we need to fund studentships, and post-docs in cutting-edge areas of research.

Theoretical Physics - Tim Evans Physics

In the coming decades, we’re looking to strengthen our multidisciplinary research across a range of topics from solid state physics to experimental particle physics. As part of our plan to pursue research at the highest levels, we aim to fund more studentships and post-docs in cutting-edge areas of research.

Centre for Environmental Policy students Centre for Environmental Policy

Our Department produces and collaborates with national and international leaders in sustainability, climate change and low carbon energy innovation. We work on the cutting edge of the world's most pressing challenges some of which even threaten our way of life. Our shared inspiration is to work with our supporters to maintain and enhance life on our planet.

Support a scholarship

Schrodinger studentSchrödinger Scholarship Scheme

By supporting the Schrödinger Scholarship Scheme you help create new opportunities for PhD study in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Applications for doctoral scholarships currently outstrip the available funding; your support helps to advance individual careers, and enhances our ability to attract the brightest and best research students.

Give in your will

Learn more about Legacy giving

Remembering Imperial in your will is a tax-efficient and insightful way of supporting the College. Securing support for the long-term is vitally important to the College, ensuring the continuation of world class research opportunities, providing education for gifted and disadvantaged young people and also ensuring the provision of resources worthy of a first class academic institution.

Your estate may be subject to inheritance tax and it may be advantageous to distribute your estate so that your family and friends are left gifts below the tax threshold and therefore not subject to inheritance tax.

It is increasingly difficult to mitigate the impact of inheritance tax in a cost-effective manner. Money from an estate that is bequeathed to an organisation with charitable status* is exempt from inheritance tax. You may wish to consider leaving some of your estate in this way for causes of your own choosing so as to benefit them in a way that you have personally specified.

Recommended wording for including a gift in your Will
Your solicitor may use the following wording as a guideline for including Imperial in your Will:

“I give, to the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine of Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2AZ, [insert a fixed amount] or [insert specified percentage/all of my residuary estate] to be applied to the [insert general purposes/preferred area] of the said College and I declare that the receipt of the Director of Finance or other duly authorised officer of the College shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

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If you’d like to find out more about the role you can play in helping the Faculty and departments achieve our goals, please do get in touch:


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Development Manager, Faculty of Natural Sciences
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