My Vision

A message from Professor Richard Craster, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Professor Richard CrasterImperial College London is a world leading university with science at its heart. Together with our friends and colleagues in Engineering, Medicine and the Business School, the Faculty of Natural Sciences strives to produce the very best science and deploy it for the wider benefit of society. We are committed to both fundamental science and applications orientated research, seeing these as complementary parts of a common endeavour. We are very proud of our extensive collaborations with other academics and our colleagues in industry, here in the UK and across the globe.

Our amazing community of scholars, who are among the very brightest and best in the world, enables us to face the greatest scientific challenges of our time. Whether established professor, rising new academic or student, our diverse community comes together to find the best solutions. We celebrate and make the most of our diversity. We know that the variety of views that teams of different people with different backgrounds can bring to bear on our work leads to better results. The standards that we hold to in working with each other are every bit as high as the standards that we apply to our science.

Research and education have never been more important. I hope that as you find out more about us and the dramatic impact of what we do, you will feel inspired to get involved in and support the upcoming initiatives that will allow us to do even more to improve the quality of life for people around the globe.