The ORCID Project at Imperial College London

In 2014 Imperial became a member of ORCID and a cross-College project board was formed to facilitate the creation of an ORCID iD for all academic staff.

The project was part of a pilot run by JiscARMA and ORCID, and participation by the College was approved by the Provost Board and discussed at the Open Access Publishing group by representatives from all faculties.

On 3 December 2014, Imperial created an ORCID iD for 3,226 academic staff. This number excluded staff who had already registered for an iD and those who opted out. All staff included in this bulk creation received an email from Library Services instructing them on how to claim their ORCID iD and how to link it to their Symplectic profile. To create the new ORCID profiles the College provided ORCID with information on over 240,000 academic works.

Read the full project report

If you received an email from the ORCID team to let you know about your new ORCID iD but have not yet claimed it, you can still do so by either clicking the link in the email, or by using the reset password function on the ORCID website – just enter your College email address. You will find that your publications have been imported from Symplectic, but set to private. We encourage you to make public this information, along with your College affiliation.

Finally, log in to Symplectic and add ORCID under My Data Sources.

ORCID screen image showing My Data Sources

The project included a three week period during which staff could opt out via an online form. If you missed this and do not want the ORCID iD created for you, see "Can I delete my ORCID profile?" in the ORCID FAQ.