To access a Blackboard course and interact with the course materials, staff and students need to be enrolled with a specific role.   

Course roles have different permissions; these can be broadly separated between Student and Teacher. Teacher is further divided into Editing Teacher and Non-editing Teacher roles.  Roles that users can be given on a course include:    

  • Course Admin    
  • Course Teacher    
  • Teaching Assistant     
  • Auditor    
  • Marker    
  • Student    

Please see the Blackboard Learn roles permissions matrix (PDF, 190kb) to see what each role can and cannot do.  The ability to enrol users is available to Course Admins and Course Teachers.    

Below we look at the different processes in which staff and students can be enrolled on Blackboard courses.  

Please contact your Faculty Ed Tech team for information on the use of this tool for teaching, learning and assessment. 

For further help and support in enrolling users to Blackboard courses, please visit the help materials provided by the product vendor. 


Automatic enrolment

For Blackboard Curriculum Courses, students will be enrolled based on the information held in Banner (the Imperial College student record system). 

  • Students who are taking the module for credit will be enrolled as Students
  • Students who are taking the module not for credit will be enrolled as Auditors

To provision a Blackboard Curriculum Course for a Module in Banner please see the Integration Partner Flags page.

Enrolments will occur within 24 hours of a user being associated with the module in Banner.  You should not enrol a student to a Blackboard course manually if you are expecting the enrolment to come from Banner, as this can cause issues with Banner being able to manage the enrolment in future updates to the enrolment status etc.

Blackboard Curriculum courses are created as unavailable to students by default. Please see our help materials on course availability to enable access to curriculum courses.  

Any issues with student enrolments should be checked in Banner with Faculty/Departmental administrators or by contacting Curriculum Data Management team in Registry

Manual Enrolment

Members of staff and students can be added to a Blackboard course manually. 

For Blackboard Curriculum courses the enrolment process of students will occur automatically (you should not attempt to add them manually). However, staff will need to be added.  

To enrol individual users onto a Blackboard course, follow these instructions: 

  1. Navigate to the course you wish to enrol users onto. 
  2. Within the Course Management section, select Users and Groups and then Users
  3. Select Enrol User and then select Find Users to Enrol
  4. Enter a username or click Browse to search for users. Only users that are not already enrolled in the course will be displayed in a search for users. 
  5. Type as many usernames as desired, separating each username with a comma. 
  6. Select a Role and Enrolment Availability for the users. If Enrolment Availability is set to No then a user will not be able to access the course until this is changed to Yes
  7. Select Submit to complete the enrolments. Once enrolled, users will be able to access a Blackboard course immediately, providing that their Enrolment Availability is enabled. 

Note: If you are enrolling multiple users via this method and manually enter the usernames rather than searching, if one of the usernames is incorrect, then no users will be enrolled. You will need to remove or amend the incorrect username and repeat the steps above.   If you enter the same username twice this will also result in an error and the user will not be enrolled.

For further help and support in enrolling users to Blackboard courses, please visit the help materials provided by the product vendor. 

Single Course Batch Enrolment

Large numbers of users can be enrolled in batch, either onto a single Blackboard course or onto multiple courses. 

Batch enrolling on a single course can be completed by any user enrolled on the course with the Course Admin or Course Teacher role. Enrolling users across multiple courses will need to be processed by ICT. 

Batch enrolling to a single course

Where there is a large number of users to be enrolled onto a single course, or the need to upload users with a mix of roles for a course, then you may wish to enrol them using a .csv(or similar) file. 

Your file must have six columns, containing: 

Column 1 – Username: enter the user’s Imperial College username (This MUST not contain any spaces, including before or after the username)

Column 2 - Last Name: enter the user’s last name 

Column 3 - First Name: enter the user’s first name 

Column 4 – Email: please leave this column blank. No data is needed for the enrolment to complete. 

Column 5 -Password: please leave this column blank. No data is needed for the enrolment to complete. 

Column 6 - Course Role: enter the course role the user will be enrolled as. 

  • "IC_P" for Course Admin 
  • "IC_T" for Course Teacher 
  • “IC_A" for Auditor 
  • "IC_G" for Marker 
  • "IC_TA" for Teaching Assistant 
  • "S" for Student 

e.g. "jsmith123, Smith, John, [no data], [no data], S," 

If needed, you can download our single course batch enrol template.

Once you have compiled your file, follow these instructions to carry out the upload: 

  1. Navigate to the course you wish to enrol the users onto. 
  2. Within theCourse Management section, select Users and Groups and then Users. 
  3. Click on Batch Enrol Users in the top left-hand corner. 
  4. Locate the file by clicking on Browse and select the delimiter type that corresponds to your file. 
  5. Select Submit to upload your file. 
  6. Once completed, a report will be generated showing successful enrolments and errors. 

For full instructions on Batch enrolling, please visit the Blackboard help website. 

Multiple Course Batch Enrolment

An individual user or a cohort of multiple users can be enrolled on to multiple courses. These enrolments are carried out on request by ICT.   

To request batch enrolment across multiple Blackboard courses, submit a .txt file via ASK Service Now containing the following column headings and data:  

  • Blackboard Course ID(s) 
  • Username(s) 
  • Course role(s) of the users:
    • "IC_P" for Course Admin 
    • "IC_T" for Course Teacher 
    • “IC_A" for Auditor 
    • "IC_G" for Marker 
    • "IC_TA" for Teaching Assistant 
    • "S" for Student 





You can find the Course ID for a Blackboard course by clicking on the Content Collection dropdown menu in the Course Managementsection of a course. The Course ID is the first link under the Content Collection heading.  

Note: Due to the new naming conventions with Blackboard courses, the full course code does often not appear correctly in .csv files. To rectify this, please submit Blackboard bulk enrolment requests as a .txt file. You do not need to make any changes to the formatting to do this. 

ICT will not amend the data provided in a submitted file. Batch enrolments will only be accepted if the information is accurate and supplied in the correct format.  


Blackboard courses can have the enrolment method set to Self-Enrolment. This option is useful for open courses that do not have a set cohort of students. Users will need to search for the course in the Blackboard Courses catalogue and enrol themselves as a Student

To set Self Enrolment for a course, complete the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to the required course and select Customisation from the Course Management menu 
  2. Click on Enrolment Options 
  3. Select Self-Enrolment and then Submit. From here, you can also set dates that enrolment will be available and an Access Code if desired. 

You should provide clear instructions for students if you would like them to use this method, including how to find the self-enrolment course. 

Note: Staff are required to be enrolled manually. Self-Enrolment only adds users as students to a Blackboard course.