Login to the Panopto Self Service Administration Tool

Videographer training

In order to use the administration app, Ed-Tech Lab staff need to have the videographer role in Panopto.

If you do not already have this role, you will need to attend a Panopto videographer training session which can be booked online.

The Panopto Administration Self Service tool is a web based application that allows Imperial Ed-Tech Lab staff with the videographer role in Panopto to manage folders, sessions and user permissions by supplying csv files in a specific format.

Using the Self Service tool, Ed-Tech Lab staff can:

  • Create and rename folders 
  • Grant and remove permissions to folders 
  • Schedule sessions to be recorded in Panopto 
  • Run reports on folder structures 









The reporting feature in the app returns a csv file containing details of all folders underneath the parent folder supplied by the user, including folder IDs. This report can be adapted to produce the required csv files required for folder and session management operations. 

Details of the csv formats required for each operation are shown on the relevant page within the app. After submitting a csv to the app you will be emailed a receipt once the process has completed detailing the successful actions and errors, if any were present. 

Please be aware it is your responsibility to fill out the information accurately and that submitted .csv files will not be validated, checked or amended by ICT. 

If you are a member of an Ed-Tech Lab and require access to this tool, please request access via the ICT Service Desk.