All Turnitin assignments are accessed through the relevant course in Blackboard. You will be able to use the link to the assignment in Blackboard to submit work and review feedback once it has been released by your tutor. 

Ensure that you follow any instructions that are set by your Course Leader when submitting an assignment. If you have any issues regarding your assignments, please contact either your course leader or department office as they will be best placed to offer advice.

Follow the steps below to submit a Turnitin assignment:

  1. Go to, enter your Imperial College username and password and log in
  2. Navigate to the course that contains the Turnitin assignment you would wish to submit to
  3. Locate the assignment in the course and click on the title of the assignment
  4. Select the blue Upload Submission button
  5. Enter the Submission Title for your submission
  6. Now, submit your assignment in one of three ways and select Upload and Review:
    1. Choose file – Select a file from your computer for upload
    2. Text Input – Enter or paste the text of your submission into the box provided
    3. Cloud Submission– Sign in to your Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox account and select a file.
  7. Once your submission has been uploaded, a thumbnail image will be displayed on your screen for you to check. If your file contains multiple pages, use the arrow buttons to scroll through each page. The word, page and character counts are also displayed.
  8. When you are satisfied that your submission should be made, select the Submit to Turnitin button.
  9. If your file was submitted successfully, you will see the following message on your screen:
    Submission uploaded successfully. Download Digital receipt 
  10. Select Download Digital receipt.

    For further details on submitting to Turnitin, please see the Turnitin support page.