Established in 2014, our collaborative Westminster Academy Programme delivers STEM curriculum enhancement within the WROL to secondary school age pupils. Through the programme we also engage with Westminster Academy’s local community, such as through hosting Primary Science events for their local feeder primary schools.

The partnership has existed for over six academic years and continues to make a significant contribution to the WROL’s overarching aim of raising the STEM-based academic aspirations of school pupils.

The Programme has provided many opportunities for Imperial’s post-graduate and post-doctoral research community to showcase their subject specialisms to the school pupils, as well as Imperial’s student population to undertake invaluable mentoring and tutoring work. 

By engaging with school pupils visiting the WROL, Imperial students are learning how to make their knowledge accessible and stimulating to a younger audience. On each of the scheduled days of the Programme, pupils and accompanying teachers from Westminster Academy spend a full day at the WROL, taking part in hands-on learning facilitated by academics from various departments across the College. Each session is supported by undergraduate student ambassadors. Through their interactions with the ambassadors, pupils also gain an insight into academic life and the experience of studying science at a university.

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