Dr Habiba Ahut Daggash

Role: Associate, Africa Energy Program

Company: Rocky Mountain Institute, Nigera

Subject area: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Centre for Environmental Policy

Nationality: Nigerian and British

I am a chemical engineer that is working where technology and policy meet to develop climate change mitigation and clean energy solutions for the African continent.



GCSE (or equivalent): Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English, French, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography

A-level (or equivalent): Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

• BEng in Engineering Science, University of Oxford
• MEng in Engineering Science, University of Oxford
PhD in Energy Systems Modelling, Imperial College London

Detail about Habiba


My research

I am currently working to deliver solar power and solar-powered agricultural equipment to rural communities in Nigeria.

My inspiration

My inspiration

I wanted to contribute to solving the problem of climate change in developing countries such as Nigeria. 

My STEM hero

Who is your STEM hero?

Tim Berners-Lee, computer scientist and inventor of the world wide web, which underpinned the internet and has made knowledge more accessible to people globally.


Most significant discovery/invention?

Discovery of electricity. Think of all the things we have that rely on it!

Wind turbines in the sea

Career options after study

  • Academic at a university
  • Government advisor on energy/climate change policy
  • Researcher at a think tank
  • Chief Technical Officer for a renewable energy company
A container full of paint brushes

My hobbies

Travelling, painting, hiking, football, reading.