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We have been delighted to welcome our new cohort of Full-Time MBA students to Imperial College Business School as they embark upon their one-year endeavour to become future leaders.  

These students have already exemplified immense hard work and determination. They have devoted many hours in the application process, interview and GMAT preparation. Each student has been personally selected to join us on this highly competitive programme, thereby exposing everyone to a cohort of exceptional classmates.  

After an exciting range of induction activities across our South Kensington Campus, as well as our Welcome Day event at the Saatchi Gallery and Cadogan Hall, our new cohort is settling into their new routines, core modules, and for many a new place to call home. 

What does the new class look like? 

At Imperial, we take pride in our diverse student body across all our programmes. This year, 73 students have joined us from across the world for our Full-Time MBA programme; 42% are female students. The class comprises 29 nationalities, giving students the opportunity to create global business connections, contribute different ideas and solutions in the classroom and thereby learn from one another.  

On average, our students have joined with 6 years of work experience and have come from varying career backgrounds, including banking, consulting, engineering, IT, and technology. This emphasises the draw of the Business School’s connection to STEM as part of Imperial College London.

Full-Time MBA class stats 2022-23

Full-Time MBA Academic Director, Markus Perkmann, shares his thoughts about the 2022-23 cohort:  

I would like to warmly welcome this year’s cohort! The cohort is one of the most selective and high-calibre we have had on our Full-Time MBA programme. At the same time, it brings together a great variety of impressive professional, personal and geographic backgrounds. We have updated and refreshed our programme, providing more choices, so each student can use their time at Imperial to discover and develop their interests in the specific subjects in which they want to excel in. We aim to provide an MBA experience with innovation and technology at its very core; we believe this focus benefits our graduates in any industry they are aiming to work in. And thanks to the diversity and global nature of this class, they will make connections that will last them a lifetime.

Meet some of the Full-Time MBA students in the new class


Dr. Obinna Okafor 

Nationality: Nigerian 

Job prior to the MBA: Senior Project Engineer, Hydrogen Tech, Johnson Matthey

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 

I have spent the last four years working with cutting edge technologies and managing projects aimed at providing cleaner energy sources for a greener planet. I was at a point where I wanted to expand my horizons, learn valuable skills to position myself towards becoming an impactful business leader and influence change. The Imperial Full-Time MBA appealed to me on the London location, reputation and focus on innovation. It was an obvious choice due to the connection of the Business School with its world leading research on sustainability and climate related topics and the thriving startup ecosystem. I decided to embark on a journey filled with self-exploration, learning, professional development, and new opportunities. 

How have you found the programme so far? 

We are currently three weeks in and fully equipped for the ride. The first weeks have been very engaging, comprising of career sessions, alumni panels, interactive lectures and talks, networking, team building activities and socials. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on core modules and career development activities. I am looking forward to learning more from the MBA cohort, staff and students. I am the President of the Black in Business Club. Being a new club, I am eager to support the growth of the black community, creating a space for belonging, championing diversity and inclusivity. 

Jacqueline Knapp

Jacqueline Knapp 

Nationality: Canadian 

Job prior to the MBA: Distribution Manager, Sony Pictures Television 

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 

I chose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA because I could not pass up the opportunity to pursue my degree in a world-class city like London. Imperial’s Full-Time MBA takes 12 months to complete, whereas most other MBA programmes are longer in duration. The Imperial programme made the most sense for me professionally as I did not want to take more than a year off my career.

What are you looking forward to most on the programme? 

I am most looking forward to collaborating with the students in my cohort. This year’s cohort is a melting pot of experience, age, industry, culture, and background, and I feel fortunate to be part of such a diverse group of learners!

Jose Serrano Molina

Jose Serrano Molina 

Nationality: Spanish 

Job prior to the MBA: Technology Transformation and Disruption Consultant, Acció Catalonia Trade & Investment 

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 
After developing my career in South Korea, I decided to return to Europe and boost my career by pursuing an MBA to build my skill set and open new opportunities. 
With my background in civil engineering and years of experience in innovation consulting, there was no doubt that the Full-Time MBA at Imperial College Business School would be the perfect programme to reach my goals. The MBA is well-balanced between business knowledge and technology insights, surrounded by the innovative city of London.  
The Business School creates synergies with Imperial College through different initiatives, such as the Imperial Innovation Challenge. I look forward to working with other students with different backgrounds in this immersive experience. I hope our work can result in ground-breaking ideas that unlock business opportunities. 
In short, Imperial encourages you to shape and enhance your foundations, connect you to a global community of inspirational people, and accelerate your career advancement. 

How do you plan on getting involved in Imperial life outside of the classroom? 

Imperial life is very dynamic, and there are a lot of opportunities to engage with your cohort and the community. I look forward to participating in some of the great career clubs you can find at Imperial, including the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club and the LGBTQ+ and Allies Business Club. Career clubs are a perfect platform to complement your career development plan at Imperial and have a great time with like-minded people. 
At Imperial, you can breathe innovation and entrepreneurship in an inclusive and diverse environment from the first step you take on campus. It empowers you to go beyond your limits, making your MBA a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Junghoon Kim

Junghoon Kim 

Nationality:  Korean

Job prior to the MBA: Senior Auditor, Citibank

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 

There were 3 reasons I chose Imperial College Business School to study my Full-Time MBA. 

First, my wife, who is now working in Canary Wharf, received an opportunity to be seconded to a non-profit organisation based out of London last summer. Since we never wanted to live away from each other, I decided to take a hiatus after ten years of working and spend more time with family, while also investing in myself by pursuing a postgraduate degree in London.  

Second, the length and characteristics of the programme appealed to me. As I was an older applicant than most others, I wished to spend no more than a year pursuing a degree. On top of that, what truly made Imperial College Business School standout was its connection with the world-class parent university, it provides opportunities to work with students in other programmes and majors. Imperial’s atmosphere encourages students to try and be innovative by integrating practical business acumen with technologies that make things possible. 

Last, but the most important reason was people. When I was interviewed by a Chilean alumnus and had a chance to ask some questions, I made up my mind that I wanted to attend the school. Also, meeting many future classmates and connecting with the admission team during the MBA admission weekend in April corroborated my belief that Imperial College Business School was the one for me. 

Which part of the Full-Time MBA are you most eager for? 

I’m looking forward to 2 aspects of the Full-Time MBA: Finance Specialism and the global experience opportunity in Tel Aviv, Israel.  

The Finance Specialism courses, I believe, will enable me to focus on obtaining the knowledge necessary for making better decisions and honing the skills required to both make a transition to a different role in the short term and be able to manage a company as a Chief Officer in the longer run.  

On the other hand, a global experience in a technology startup nation will help me understand what it takes to start one’s own business from scratch and how to overcome many barriers along the way. I’m keen to connect with Israeli entrepreneurs in person, exchange ideas, and learn about ways and processes they follow to create new ideas, nurture a new business, manage people, grow the business model, and finally make profits

Felicity Box

Felicity Box 

Nationality: British 

Job prior to the MBA: Data Analyst, Immediate Media Co. 

Why did you choose to study at Imperial?  

Working as an analyst has given me a lot of exposure to different business functions and insight into the sort of questions business leaders need to answer on a regular basis. After five years in this role, I have realised that I want to be the one asking the difficult questions, not answering them. I decided to do an MBA to gain the skills necessary to move into a strategy position in a different sort of company. 

I am fascinated by post-growth economics, and the idea that economic growth can only generate societal benefits up to a certain threshold. Business profit is a fundamental driver of economic growth, but if economic growth is no longer the only goal - what does this mean for the role of businesses within society? I chose to study at Imperial because of the opportunity to study responsible leadership, to choose modules which focus on business and climate change and to have the freedom to explore business models outside of the traditional purely profit-seeking ones. 

How has receiving the Forte Foundation Fellowship impacted you?

Receiving the Forte Foundation Fellowship was an incredible confidence boost. I experienced significant imposter syndrome the whole way through the MBA application process, but being recognised by the foundation made me finally believe that I deserved my place on the programme. It has helped me make friends with other Forte Fellows quickly and I am looking forward to making the most of their extensive network of hugely talented women.

Shirley Lin

Shirley Lin 

Nationality:  Taiwan

Job prior to the MBA:  Manager, Audit, KPMG Taiwan

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 

It is an intense programme that delivers all the components that I looked for in an MBA programme. Even though the pandemic has made things somewhat difficult and full of uncertainty, the immersive and connective design of Imperial College Business School’s Full-Time MBA programme in a such prestigious university, made me want to apply. 

Which MBA module or elective are you most excited for? 

I’m most excited to participate in the programme’s projects. We have the opportunity to explore some challenging topics. We also have the opportunity to utilise the skills we learn during the programme, by applying these to real world scenarios in the classroom.  


Varun Bhatia 

Nationality: Indian 

Job prior to the MBA: Analyst/Technical Consultant, Deloitte India 

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 

I chose the Imperial MBA programme as I felt that Imperial's proposition of combining business with technology is unique among business colleges. I come from a technical background and this synergy was important to me as it gives me the opportunity to gain business acumen while also further honing my technical skills. 

What has been the highlight of the programme so far? 

I have found the programme to be quite enriching so far. The cohort is comprised of people from varied backgrounds and the scope for peer learning is endless. The lecturers have encouraged discussions and have emphasised ‘learning by doing’, by using an interactive and application-based teaching style, which I find makes learning enjoyable. 

The highlight for me so far has been the away day at Reading which was part of the induction programme, this day allowed me to try out a lot of new activities and bond with my study group. 

Maria Merino

Maria Merino 

Nationality: Colombian 

Job prior to the MBA: Full Senior Analytic Consultant, NielsenIQ, Colombia 

Why did you choose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA? 

I chose to study the Imperial Full-Time MBA because I have five years of experience in market research for FMCG companies but now I want to change to the tech sector, specifically to a Product Manager role. To achieve this I need to improve my data analytics skills and my experience in the industry. Imperial was the best option for me because it has a strong focus in Tech, gives MBA students the option to specialise in analytics and through the career clubs, the Global Experience Week and my dedicated career consultant I will have a better approach to the tech industry.  

Furthermore, I wanted to have an international experience and get to know people from many cultures and countries, and there is no better place to do this. 

What have you enjoyed most so far about being an MBA student in London? 

This first weeks of the Full-Time MBA have been so exciting; I can’t choose one specific thing that I have enjoyed the most. For me one of the things I have enjoyed are the networking events we had during the first weeks that gave me the opportunity to interact with most of the cohort. The Away Day during the Induction Week was especially amazing, and I got to spend the day with people who I had not talked with and find out we get along well. Also, I have enjoyed having so many different things to do each day, I have been in the parks doing yoga and picnics, I walk or cycle every day to class, I have tried new food in the restaurants that are close to Imperial and many other things that I did not use to do back home and that makes unique the experience of being an MBA student. 

Imperial College Business School students

What lies in the year ahead? 

Our class have an exciting year ahead of them, whilst delving into complex business topics in their core modules, our students can build their own course path by choosing from a wide range of electives in other topics that interest them. These electives cover a broad range of topics such as AI ventures, Banking and Fintech, Digital Transformation, Climate Change and Business Strategy to name a handful.  

Living in London puts our students in a central position to develop relationships with international organisations. Very quickly, they will establish a lifelong global network of friends and contacts over the forthcoming year. We offer our students personalised one to one career support to help nurture and support these network connections.  

As part of the programme, our class will patriciate in the Imperial Innovation Challenge, which provides an opportunity for students to show case the knowledge they’ve developed during the MBA; they will work in groups to produce innovative economic disruption with positive environmental and social impacts. They will have access to industry experts to support them in their innovative solutions.  

Towards the end of the academic year, students will complete a personal project or internship to help support their next steps for their post-MBA career.  

The Business School is located in South Kensington, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Hyde Park is minutes away from campus and so we are sure our students will make good use of the lovely walking/running trails, gardens, lakes and galleries. South Kensington itself has plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops to enjoy with friends. Our campus is located on the same road as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History and Science Museums – so there’s plenty of things for our students to enjoy here over the next 12 months! 

Studying a Full-Time MBA at the Business School will expose our students to new ideas and disciplines and provide them with excellent networking and career opportunities. The programme will challenge our students to innovate. It will equip them with agile skills, along with the confidence to navigate their way through the ever-evolving business environment.  

We are so excited to see everything they achieve this year! 

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