Digital Transformation: Reimagining Business for the Digital Age

28 March 2019

08.30 - 17.00

South Kensington Campus

Please note: This exclusive event is invitation-only and specifically designed for executives at Director-level and above.

Digital transformation is not just the introduction of new technologies or changes to key business functions; rather, it is a profound and holistic transformation and more than the sum of its parts. Digital transformation changes both what organisations do and how they organise and operate, it is nothing less than the reimagining of the corporation.

What’s at stake? Those who harness digital transformation will find historic opportunities, and those that don’t will face existential risk. Imperial College Business School’s fourth annual conference will combine keynote talks, panel discussions, stories of transformation, and engaging breakouts to cover the key questions that executives, analysts, and government policymakers are asking:

  • What is digital transformation?
  • Why is digital transformation more than the sum of the functional changes which are its parts?
  • How can businesses navigate and even ride this wave of exciting but disruptive change?
  • Can we borrow lessons from previous waves of wholesale change to organisations?
  • What will all this mean for incumbents and challengers, platforms and communities, specialists and generalists?