Digital Transformation: Reimagining Business for the Digital Age

28 March 2019

08.30 - 17.00

South Kensington Campus

Making sense of digital transformation in your organisation

Bring your business into the digital age, with our fourth annual conference.

Digital transformation is not just the introduction of new technologies or changes to key business functions; rather, it is a holistic transformation. Digital transformation changes both what organisations do and how they organise and operate, it is nothing less than the reimagining of the corporation.

Your business must transform, to keep up to speed and minimise risk.

Our Conference Co-Chairs’

Mark Kennedy

Director of Imperial Business Analytics
Imperial College Business School

Erkko Autio

Chair in Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship
Imperial College Business School

Ying-Ying Hsieh

Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Imperial College Business School

What we will consider

  • What is digital transformation?
  • How is digital transformation integral?
  • How can businesses take advantage of transformative change?
  • What can we learn from previous periods of organisational change?
  • How will professionals within the business be affected?

The conference combines keynote talks, panel discussions, stories of transformation, and engaging breakouts.

Our expert speakers

Geraldine Calpin

The Madison Square Garden Company

Lucy Cooper

Managing Director, Innovation

Samantha Barry

Editor In Chief
Glamour Magazine

Rashik Parmar

Technical Executive, Europe

Fabian Vogelsteller


Sukand Ramachandran

Partner & Managing Director

Daniel Rowles

Target Internet

Chris Downs


Mark O’Donoghue

AVADO Learning

Peter Estlin

Lord Mayor
City of London

Bob Flint

Technology Director

Matthew Taylor


Zaka Mian

Group Director, Transformation
Lloyds Bank

2018 Conference: The Future of Finance

The Future of Finance was Imperial College Business School’s third annual conference. Specifically designed for senior executives, this exclusive invite-only event explored future global challenges and opportunities in the finance sector, and their likely effect on policy and practice.

Drawing upon Imperial College London’s reputation as a global top 10 university, this highly anticipated event brought together business leaders, policy makers and leading academics. For the select group of attendees, the conference offered a unique opportunity to gain and share the latest insights and thinking, and network with their peers from across the sector.