This conference brought together business leaders, policymakers and leading academics to explore challenges facing the modern financial services sector. For the select group of attendees, this event was a unique opportunity to gain and share the latest insights and thinking, as well network with some leading minds from the private, public and academic sectors.

It tackled some of the major themes affecting and influencing the financial services industry right now and in the future.

Topics included:

  • Finance, inequality and development
  • Macro finance (recent experience and the future in financial regulations)
  • Fintech, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity
  • Household finance
  • The market efficiency debate (indexing, asset bubbles, quants, and the future of the asset management industry)

Business leaders from investments and asset pricing, corporate finance, risk management and financial analysis found this conference particularly relevant, but the insights on offer applied across sectors in these financial times. 

Imperial Claudia Custodio

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Antonio Horta Osorio

Group Chief Executive at Lloyds Banking Group

Ruth Wandhöfer

Ruth Wandhöfer

Managing Director and Global Head of Regulatory & Market Strategy at Citi