Executive Education Online Programmes

Online programmes for individuals across all stages of their career

Online programmes with Imperial College Business School Executive Education enable you to participate in a world-class executive education experience with the flexibility of studying remotely and in your own time.

Engage with globally renowned faculty and industry experts, network online with your cohort and immerse yourself in our industry-leading interactive platform.

Upcoming programmes

Private Equity

11 weeks (online, part time)

Mergers & Acquisitions

11 weeks (online, part-time)

Business Analytics: From Data to Decisions

4 months (online, part-time)

Climate Innovation: Accelerating to Net Zero Emissions

6 weeks (online, part time)

Digital Transformation: 5 Game-Changing Technologies for Business

9 weeks (online, part-time)

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

21 weeks (online, part-time)

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Innovation, Strategies, and Processes

9 weeks (online, part time)

Professional Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

25 weeks (online, part-time)

Financial Technology: Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning & Digital Banking

8 weeks (online, part time)

Sustainability Leadership

13 weeks (online, part-time)

Building Your AI Unicorn: Fast-Track Your Tech Startup

6 weeks (online, part-time)