Bee House Project

About this Challenge Team

The Bee House Project was aimed at organising outreach activities to increase awareness of threats that pollinators face and educate how individuals could help.  

The team provided information to the general public on pollinators in the UK, the threats to their survival and what individuals can do to help them. Over the course of this academic year, they organised several outreach events where they hosted solitary bee house making sessions which the people could take home and handede out seeds for people which could be planted to encourage pollinators into their outdoor space.

Team Members

Sarah Hayes (cohort 4)
Mohan Smith (cohort 4)
Geraldine Satre-Buisson (cohort 3)
Shirin Hakim (cohort 3)
Ricardo Arraiano Castilho (cohort 3)
Alex Hughes (cohort 2)
Hannah Norman (cohort 2)
Will Rimington (cohort 2)
Maral Mahlooji (cohort 2)
Victoria Burton (cohort 1)

The Bee House Project in Action