About this Challenge Team

Make carbon neutral beer and create a documentary of the process. To highlight the 'hidden' costs of carbon in food and drinks and to explain what can be done to reduce the CO2 emissions of food at an individual and business level


COBrew: The carbon neutral beer

COBrew: The carbon neutral beer

Challenge Team COBrew Video: The carbon neutral beer

Watch the video to find out how the Challenge Team COBrew made their carbon neutral beer

Team Members

Matt Barker (cohort 4)
Hollie Packman (cohort 4)
Jenna Griffiths (cohort 4)
Emily Lewis-Brown (cohort 4)
Ian Walker (cohort 3)
Rikki Gumbs (cohort 3)
Robert Allen (cohort 3)
Luciana Miu (cohort 3)
Michael Ehrenstein (cohort 3)
Renato Cabral (cohort 2)
Thomas Smallwood (cohort 2)

COBrew in Action