Online Conferencing

About this Challenge Team

In the past, travel by plane has been an integral part of academia, allowing researchers from across the globe to meet, collaborate and share knowledge through conferencing. However, the frequency of these conferences means that people we produce a disproportionately high amount of GHG emissions. Last year, the aviation challenge team’s research showed that travel by plane associated with Imperial College produced 23,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses, about 9% of our total emissions in 2018.

Team Members

  • Beirns Emma (cohort 7)
  • Bowers Ben (cohort 7)
  • Clayton Theo (cohort 7)
  • Holder Liam (cohort 5)
  • Hunt Eloise (cohort 7)
  • Nixon-Hill Reuben (cohort 6)
  • Regnier Geraldine (cohort 7)
  • Salvi Pietro (cohort 5)
  • Thomas Carl (cohort 5)
  • Warwick Laura (cohort 5)
  • Zhang Ric (cohort 7) - team captain