Buggy App

About this Challenge Team

The planet's biodiversity is in serious decline. We see reports in the media about the plight of the polar bears, tigers in trouble and rhinos on the brink of extinction. But this problem goes far beyond the charismatic creatures we see in news reports. Around 40% of insect species are now in decline. Although these invertebrates may not be front page material, they are often vital for ecosystems to function and thrive. Our goal is to get the word out about how important these species are, and get the general population involved in the science behind saving the insects.

We are creating an app that aims to inform the general public about the nature in their back garden. By creating a platform that gives people access to informative videos, games and interactive challenges on UK insects, we hope to spread the word on the importance of insects. In this way we hope to encourage more people to get passionate about the conservation of our 6-legged friends.

Further information available on the Buggy App Website.

Team Members

  • Alexander Brunmayr (cohort 7)
  • Ethan Errington (cohort 6)
  • Ophélie Meuriot (cohort 6)
  • Manoj Murali (cohort 6)
  • Felix Richter (cohort 7)
  • Ceri Webster (cohort 7) - Team Captain