Carbon Offsetting

About this Challenge Team

Following on from work completed last year researching what constitutes good carbon offsetting policy, the 2020/2021 Carbon Offsetting Challenge Team’s primary goal is to raise awareness within the college about implementing effective carbon offsetting practices.

While many people are aware of the concept of carbon offsetting, there is much confusion in general about its effectiveness or even how to go about practising carbon offsetting in the first place. We hope to address these issues by disseminating information around staff and student networks about using offsetting to mitigate the climate impact of various activities. We hope to circulate the report written last year more widely around these networks and aspire to host an event where people can discuss carbon offsetting with some experts in the field. Ultimately, through these activities, we hope to see carbon offsetting being implemented more widely at Imperial.

Team Members

  • Marcus Annegarn (cohort 6)
  • Liam Kirkpatrick (cohort 6)
  • Theo Llewllyn (cohort 6)
  • Waseem Marzook (cohort 6)
  • Rebecca Murray-Watson Rebecca (cohort 7) - Team Captain
  • Sofia Palazzo-Corner (cohort 6)
  • Joe Parr (cohort 7)
  • Tom Weeks (cohort 6)
  • Claudia Wyer (cohort 6)
  • Liam Yasin (cohort 6)