Urban Wildlife Engagement

About this Challenge Team

In modern cities, it's easy for children to feel cut off from the natural world. However, even in the heart of London there is a wealth of amazing wildlife to be discovered. Our project aims to help schoolchildren engage with nature where they live, using a variety of interactive materials, including videos, virtual guided walks, maps and other lesson tools. Through these sessions, we hope to increase awareness, enthusiasm and concern for nature, as well as instil a sense of how important urban wildlife and green spaces can be for people's mental health. We will also hope to encourage participation in several citizen science schemes, in doing so emphasising the contribution that every individual can make to conservation.

Team Members

  • Richard Belcher (cohort 6)
  • Ben Chapple (cohort 7) - Team Captain
  • Rosie Dowell (cohort 7)
  • Deborah Greer (cohort 7)
  • Tom Matthews (cohort 5)
  • Marie Shaylor (cohort 6)
  • Benedict Winchester (cohort 7)