Community Garden

About this Challenge Team

The Community Garden Team aims to get children in the local Kensington and Chelsea area engaged and interested in gardening. We want children to know that you don’t have to have a large outdoor space to do gardening, and to educate them on what it takes to grow plants and where our food comes from.

To achieve this, we are creating our own at-home gardening kits to be to be distributed to children within the local area of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. These at-home kits will contain seeds, soil and educational information on the seeds contained. All that is needed from the children (and their parents) is something to plant in (half a milk carton would work!), a windowsill to put the plants on, and patience! The children will learn about the plants they are growing, the biology behind plant growth, and the impact that home gardening can have on their environment.

After running this project as a pilot in one school in 2021, we will work with Grantham's Public Engagement Team to hopefully reach more children in different communities this year.


Team Members

  • Liam Blyth (Cohort 7)
  • Michaela Flegrova (Cohort 8) - Captain
  • Anna Gee (Cohort 8)
  • Clara Gimeno Jesus (Cohort 8)
  • Tom Griffiths (Cohort 7)
  • Maria Koulouri (Cohort 7)
  • Sophie Meyjes (Cohort 8)
  • Rebecca Murray-Watson (Cohort 7)
  • Sanjee Panditharate (Cohort 8)
  • Sam Willard (Cohort 7)