Fighting Fast Fashion App

About this Challenge Team

The aim of the Fighting Fast Fashion challenge team is to raise awareness of the human and environmental implications of the fast fashion industry, from greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution to low wages and poor working conditions. We aim to encourage Imperial students to make more conscious choices when it comes to their clothing.
Our social media will be used to share helpful resources, and our on-campus clothes swap event will provide an opportunity for Imperial students to update their wardrobes in a planet- and people-friendly way.
If you have any questions about this project or would like to get involved, please email our team captain Louise:

Team Members

  • George Burton (Cohort 8)
  • Allie Gaines (Cohort 7)
  • James Hazzard (Cohort 7)
  • Eloise Hunt (Cohort 7)
  • Priyanka Kumar (Cohort 7)
  • Haleema Misal (Cohort 7)
  • Louise Oldham (Cohort 8) - team captain
  • Geraldine Regnier (Cohort 7)
  • Felix Richter (Cohort 7)
  • Juy Sarawud (Cohort 8)
  • Flowra Zhang (Cohort 8)