Imperial is participating in Jisc’s ‘read and publish’ agreement with Taylor & Francis. This means that corresponding authors affiliated with Imperial may publish their articles open access in Taylor & Francis hybrid or fully open access journals including many Routledge titles, and the F1000Research and Routledge Open Research Platforms. (Note that other F1000 publishing platforms and Dove Press titles are not included). Check if your journal is eligible at the publisher’s page linked above, or using the search tool on our Publisher agreements and discounts page.

To be eligible, articles must:

  • Be original research articles. Other types of paper, such as Editorials, Announcements, and Book Reviews, are not covered by this agreement.
  • Be accepted for publication after the 1st January 2024.
  • Have a corresponding author affiliated with a participating institution

Once you have received your Author Publishing Agreement and confirmed your personal details, you need to select that you would like to be funded through the open access agreement, which you will see as you move through the process. Please use your Imperial affiliation and email address when you submit to ensure that you are identified as eligible. Once you have signed the agreement, the OA Team at Imperial will be notified of your request. If your request is approved your paper will go on to be published open access with a Creative Commons license.

Full details are available on the Taylor & Francis Open access agreement for researchers in the UK webpage.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement or the process please contact the open access team.