Key Information

Tutors: Helal Ahmed
Course Level: Level 1
Mode of Delivery: Remote & Face-to-Face Sessions Available
Maximum Course Capacity: 200 (Remote) 100 (Face-to-Face)


  • Wednesday 13 December 2023
    14:30-16:00, Microsoft Teams
  • Wednesday 08 May 2024
    13:00-14:30, Microsoft Teams

Creative thinking is something which everyone possesses.  However, sometimes it is difficult to think creatively when you are so focused in trying to complete a task. To overcome this, we can try different approaches to tackling a problem or generating new ideas.  In this course you will initially reflect on creative people and their attributes before exploring your own creativity and how you can overcome any creative blocks.  You will also learn how different tools and techniques can be used to generate ideas and solve problems. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify attributes of creative people and what you can do to be more creative
  • Recognise beliefs/behaviours/environments that can block creativity 
  • Identify approaches to overcome your creative block
  • Employ different creative tools/techniques to generate ideas and solve problems

How to Book

Please select a date and book on via Inkpath using your Imperial Single-Sign-On.