When a Turnitin assignment is created in a Blackboard course it is immediately linked to the Grade Centre. A column is automatically created in the Grade Centre and can be included in calculations the same way as other columns can. When a submission is marked, the value shown is the overall grade.

 Grading submissions and providing feedback is best carried out by accessing the assignment inbox and using the Turnitin Feedback Studio. To access these, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to bb.imperial.ac.uk 
  2. Enter your Imperial College username and password and log in 
  3. Navigate to the course that contains the relevant Turnitin assignment links 
  4. Select the Turnitin assignment link, navigating you to the Turnitin Inbox 
  5. Each student enrolled on the course will be listed here. If they have made a submission, there will be a blue pencil icon under the Grade column. Select this to grade the submission. 
  6. Turnitin Feedback Studio will now launch in a new window. You can give an overall grade at the top of the screen. This grade will appear in the Blackboard Grade Centre

In addition to an overall grade, Turnitin gives you the option to provide extra feedback using:

Commenting tools

Commenting tools offer a wide range of annotations that you can make on a submitted assignment. These include QuickMarks, text strikethrough and voice comments. For detailed instructions on the use of Commenting tools, please see the Turnitin help website. 


Rubric scorecards help to evaluate student work, based on defined criteria and scales. For detailed instructions on the use of Rubrics tools, please see the Turnitin help website.