The Manager role is designed for staff who create and manage exams, and who are responsible for the administrative tasks associated with exams. As a Manager, users determine when a exam will take place, in what format the exam will be conducted and what user groups will be associated with the exam in terms of participants, assessors, reviewers, invigilators etc.

  • The Manager can adjust any part of an exam (what type, which time, where etc.), as well as allocate Participants, Authors, Assessors, Reviewers, Invigilators, Co-Managers etc. 
  • The Manager uploads exam questions, materials, and regulations for the exam (assignment/exam questions, curriculum, rubric etc.). 
  • The Manager can change the configurations for all or for individual Participants. 

WISEflow has various different Flow types that can be used to set up assessments.

The following flow types are enabled on the Imperial College London instance of WISEflow

  • FLOWassign - Tests with or without a set assignment, where participants hand in a PDF file and any appendix materials. 
  • FLOWmulti - Tests with multiple question types combined in assignments completed by the participants in an open or locked-down environment.
  • FLOWlock - Tests with a set assignment, where participants write their papers in a locked-down environment.
  • FLOWhandin - Tests with or without a set assignment, where participants can hand in all kinds of digital material.
  • FLOWoral - Oral tests where participants can be distributed into different examination periods. Participants can be assessed and receive written feedback.
  • FLOWattend - Registration of participant turnout in class (and similar.)

Adding multiple accounts to WISEflow

Adding accounts to WISEflow in bulk

To batch enrol staff users, please contact the ICT Service Desk. Please attach a CSV file with the following information for the members of staff that need to be added:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username (must use format
  • CID
  • Email address
  • Desired Role(s)

    (Participant, Assessor, Manager, Author, Reviewer, Supporter, Invigilator.) Users can be given more than one role.

If any of this information is not included, the batch request cannot be processed.

Banner integration

Students should be added via the Banner integration with WISEflow. To add student users via module, please contact the Curriculum Data team to request activation of the WISEflow Integration Partner Flag.

More information about the integration is available on our page "Banner Integrations with Digital Education Services".

Turnitin Integration

Turnitin integration with WISEflow

Turnitin similarity checking is enabled by default when using WISEflow with FLOWassign and FLOWlock assessments.

How to disable Similarity Reports in WISEflow

Managers are able to disable Similarity Reports for specific Flows. To do this please follow the instructions below:

  1. Create or locate the desired flow within the Managing tab.
  2. Under ‘Marking and Review’, select ‘Manage Settings’, a new page will open.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to ‘Enable similarity control’
  4. When the text box opens, click the tick which should remove it from the box. Then click save.
  5. Similarity reports have now been disabled on the Flow.

Please note: Similarity reports can only be disabled before a Flow has been activated. Equally if the Similarity report was disabled and then the Flow was activated, it cannot be re-enabled.