The role of the Reviewer is one of Quality Assurance, someone who supervises and reviews the assessments made by assessors to ensure a fair assessment of assignments.

A Reviewer can have different levels of privileges on flows based on the assessment process set by the Manager. The first level is a ‘read and view’ only role, where the Reviewer, like an Assessor, can read and view all information, materials, and submissions from appointed Participants on the flow. The second level includes the ability to see the assessments submitted by the Assessors besides the ‘read and view’ privilege. The last level also gives the Reviewer access to see the assessments from all the assigned Assessors and the right to decide on the final assessment.

The three levels of privileges for the Reviewer are:

  • Basic Access - Allows the Reviewer to view the work submitted by the Participant via the assessor tool, the similarity report (if relevant), and the summary with feedback completed by the Assessor. Access to the full assessment including a breakdown of scores is not available.
  • View Assessment - Allows the Reviewer to view both the work submitted by the Participant and the assessment, both scores and feedback, provided by the Assessor.
  • Decide Final Assessment - When an assessment is completed by more than one Assessor, the flow can be set so that the final assessment is be determined by the Reviewer.


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