Vivian Liang (MEng Mechanical Engineering 2017) is an investment professional focused on structured credit investing at The Carlyle Group. Vivian has fond memories of her four years at Imperial and believes that the skills she learned at the College have given her an edge in the investment industry. 

We caught up with Vivian to hear more about where Imperial has taken her so far...   

What did you learn during your time at Imperial, in class or out? 

Hard work and patience will yield the best results, so long as you continue to believe in yourself.  

Who did you find inspiring at Imperial and why? 

My peers. Each of my peers were inspiring in their own ways. They were all hard working, creative, and smart.  

What fond memories do you have of your time here?  

Hanging out at Princes Garden with my Falmouth Hall mates as Freshers is one fond memory. Good times! 

I also used to love the space around The Queen's TowerSitting under the sun on the Queen's Lawn would always bring a sense of blissfulness after a long and hard day of studying.  

Can you tell us a bit about the work you’re doing now? 

I am now an investment professional focused on structured credit investing at The Carlyle Group. I cover a portfolio of around 25 companiesmostly spanning telecom, media and technology On a typical day, I keep track of any relevant news that may impact loan and bond prices of the companies in my portfolio. I also look at new bond or loan issuances, perform credit due diligence, and interact with the CFOs / CEOs of various companies.

How has what you learnt at Imperial helped you in your career so far? 

Critical thinking and the ability to produce high quality work under pressure, are both skills that I am glad I learned at Imperial. 

What have been your career highlights and lowlights so far? 

2020 was a significant year for my career. One of the highlights was starting a newchallenging, and rewarding job at The Carlyle GroupOne of the lowlights was being stuck at home unable to meet my new colleagues!  

What are your plans for the future? 

I plan to continue advancing within my current field, and I hope to complete the CFA program in 2021!  

What would be your advice for current students? 

Take advantage of Imperial’s networks. Be curious, be open-minded.  

Lastly, can we ask what makes you feel proud to be an Imperial alumna? 

Of course. Imperial’s commitment to doing better at diversity and inclusion, on top of its superior academic achievementsare what make me feel proud to be an alumna